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Real Estate Professionals Must Adapt to Work During COVID-19
April 30, 2020

Real Estate Professionals Must Adapt to Work During COVID-19

by The CE Shop Team

Across Oregon, home inventory continues to decrease, giving sellers across all levels encouraging profits. Oregon has the largest housing shortage in the U.S., with just a 1.8-month inventory, which has put the state’s housing market in a peculiar situation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The chairman of John L. Scott Real Estate, J. Lennox Scott, recently created an assessment for the Oregon housing market and believes that the real estate market will remain in motion. His report saw a surge in sales activity, especially around the Portland metro area. This is great news for agents, as their businesses continue to serve homeowners’ needs to buy and sell.

Fortunately, Oregon real estate agents are still considered ‘essential workers,’ giving them the ability to help clients close deals. They still need to adapt to new technologies like virtual reality tours and adhere to social distancing protocols. That being said, their freedom to operate gives an even greater advantage to sellers.

Clayton Williams of Inhabit Real Estate is taking extra precautions while working with clients on home tours. “My client and I each wear two pairs of Nitrile gloves and some sort of homemade respiratory barrier, usually Lycrap-like scarf,” said Williams. “I will maintain a six-foot barrier if we are viewing together. I will prep the house for a no-touch viewing and then open the front door for them. I will position myself to enable audible communication without having to be too close to them.”

No more than two people are allowed inside the home at one time. Steps like this will need to be the new norm for agents moving forward. As long as there's an interest and need to buy and sell a home, real estate agents will have work to do and clients to help.

How to Safely Work as an Agent During COVID-19

Real estate is an essential service in Oregon, which is great news for agents throughout the state. However, this also comes with responsibilities and new guidelines to follow. Agents throughout the country are having to change and adapt to the changing landscape while still meeting the needs of their clients who want to buy and sell.

If you’re looking for resources to help you better understand how this pandemic affects you and how you can respond, take our free Doing Business During COVID-19 course.

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