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Old Louisville: One of America's Most Haunted Neighborhoods
October 6, 2020

Old Louisville: One of America's Most Haunted Neighborhoods

by The CE Shop Team

Bourbon Isn’t the Only Spirit Worth Noting in Louisville

Old Louisville, starting slightly north of the University of Louisville and ending south of Broadway, is just as its name suggests: old. Construction in the area began in the 1870s, hence the abundance of Victorian architecture and prevalence of stained glass, as well as 150+ years of macabre history that lends itself well to the stories surrounding the neighborhood’s most haunted properties.

1234 S. Third St

Known as ‘the Campion House,’ this two bed, two-and-a-half bath Victorian was built in 1900. It’s supposedly home to several paranormal residents, including a young boy whose spirit roams the alley, the apparition of someone who sadly took their own life, and two young girls who likely passed due to disease but still like to play in the house. Last purchased in 2007 for $175,000, the house is now estimated to be worth an impressive $527,715.

1228 S. Third St

Just a few houses down, 1228 S. Third St. or the ‘Widmer Mansion’ is a beautiful four bed, four bath Chateauesque-style property built in 1895. It’s also the former home of David Dominé, a Bellarmine University professor who writes books about the paranormal happenings of Old Louisville for their ‘folkloristic’ value. Still, this property is said to be haunted by a ghost named Lucy who reportedly knocks pictures off walls, slams doors, and makes regular appearances if guests aren’t nice to her. The home sold in September of 2019 for $460,000.

1473 St. James Court

Unofficially known as the Pink Palace, this six bed, four bath house is 4,170 square feet of old world charm. It was built in 1891 and, like the other properties on this list, it's home to some otherworldly residents, namely a tall older man named Avery. Avery used to live in the house (and supposedly still does), offering current residents a helping hand from time to time. For instance, he once scared the inhabitants out of the kitchen before faulty wiring caused a fire. Definitely one of the more unique properties on the block, the Pink Palace last sold in December of 2019 for $525,000.

1435 South 4th Street

While this two bed, one bath property has the potential to be quite charming, its storied past might keep the spiritually in-tune from entering at night. Once used as a sanitarium, many patients have taken their last breath here. To pile on the creep factor, another man was murdered here in 2010. Word has it that the landlord who was beaten to death and a nurse who purchased the house in the 1960s still hang around the property along with other spirits. According to Zillow, this property’s current value is $825,046.

These are just a few spirits haunting the streets of Old Louisville. For a more in-depth look at hauntings and the history of the area, check out Dominé’s book, True Stories of Hauntings in America's Largest Victorian Neighborhood, or watch one of the Old Louisville episodes of Ghost Hunters.

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