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Ohio’s Weird Wicker Basket Building
June 7, 2021

Ohio’s Weird Wicker Basket Building

by The CE Shop Team

Break Bread Over This Big Basket

Behold the Buckeye State’s most iconic building, the Longaberger Basket Building. While most iconic state buildings are intended to be taken very seriously, the Basket Building is meant to be a silly play on the Longaberger Company’s signature medium market baskets. Built in 1997 and still standing in Newark, this bizarre building once was the headquarters of the now-defunct Longaberger Company, but it’s carried several owners in its short lifetime. Get ready for the briefing, and bask in all of its cheeky glory!

Basket Building Breakdown

While it looks more like a misplaced modern art piece belonging in a park, this 9,000-ton picnic basket doesn’t house any midsummer snack.

The seven-story, 180,000-sq.-ft. building was designed by the Longaberger Company and built by NBBJ and Korda Nemeth Engineering. While the building doesn’t look too complicated, there’s a fair bit of detail in the design. The large handles of the basket are heated in the winter to prevent any damage, and there are two product tags attached to the building that resemble the gold-leafed labels attached to each basket sold by Longaberger. Little details like these are what make this wicker basket building charming, adding to its lighthearted design.

“I figured if Walt Disney could build an empire around a mouse, the Longaberger home office building could resemble a basket,” Dave Longaberger, the company’s founder, wrote in his memoir. “Whenever I talked about it, people looked at me like I was nuts.”

Originally, Longaberger wanted all of the company’s buildings to resemble baskets, but only the headquarters was completed before his death. Through a series of mistakes and decisions the company began to decline, eventually reaching the point where it stopped paying property taxes on the property, and employees moved out of the basket-shaped building in 2016. After years on the market, the building sold for $1.2 million in 2018. The building re-opened briefly for a one-day-only fundraising tour conducted by former Longaberger employees, allowing guests to take in the beautifully odd design.

The building was on track to become a luxury hotel, but it's recently been listed on the market for $6.5 million. 

Real Estate and Architecture: Why Architects Make Great Agents

The worlds of real estate and architecture are not far removed, and they often intertwine. One focuses on sales while the other focuses on design. Architects looking for new career opportunities can find great potential in the real estate business. This move is natural and holds lucrative opportunities for those willing to work for it.

Qualified architects have a broad range of knowledge that can easily be applied to selling a property. Having an eye for detail, strong visual awareness, and a deep understanding of building materials and structures can put any architect on the fast track for success as a real estate agent.

With a real estate license, an architect can gain access to home listings while utilizing their diverse network to find potential new clients. Becoming a licensed real estate agent isn’t as hard as one might think — you just need to devote some time and energy to your new craft.

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