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 Ohio-Based Real Estate CEO Gives $1.6m to His Employees
May 22, 2020

Ohio-Based Real Estate CEO Gives $1.6m to His Employees

by The CE Shop Team

CEO of The Connor Group Gave His Employees $1.6 Million

$1.6 million can get you a lot, especially now during statewide closures, and an amount like that can change lives. Larry Connor, CEO of The Connor Group, an Ohio-based real estate investment firm, made that amount in eight days in the stock market due to the COVID-19 volatility. Instead of keeping this for himself, he decided to give it all to his employees.

In a video announcement sent out to the company, Connor shocked his firm with the good news of bonuses to come.

"These are challenging times, but the way our people have responded has been nothing short of heroic," Connor said in the video. "Our No. 1 core value is 'Do the right thing.' So when I think about how I made the money compared to what our associates do every day, to me, (paying the bonuses) was the right thing to do."

The company will pay out the bonuses ranging from $2,000 to $9,000 for all non-highly compensated associates, according to the company's news release. Associates that make more than $150,000 are not eligible for the bonuses, said company spokesperson Amanda Brown. Beyond the bonuses, The Connor Group has also committed to paying unexpected childcare expenses for all employees and expanding its associate loan program. The program allows employees to get short-term pay advances that can be paid back via payroll deductions, Brown said.

The Connor Group employs around 400 associates and has kept its luxury apartment communities open during the COVID-19 outbreak as an essential business.

How to Safely Work as an Ohio Agent During COVID-19

Real estate is an essential service in Ohio, which is great news for agents throughout the state. However, this also comes with responsibilities and new guidelines to follow. Agents throughout the country are having to change and adapt to the changing landscape while still meeting the needs of their clients who want to buy and sell.

If you’re looking for resources to help you better understand how this pandemic affects you and how you can respond, take our free Doing Business During COVID-19 course.

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