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New Hampshire’s Omni Mount Washington Resort
June 21, 2021

New Hampshire’s Omni Mount Washington Resort

by The CE Shop Team

Meander Through Mount Washington

The Mount Washington Hotel is a National Historic Landmark located in Bretton Woods, a small area focused on leisure and recreation in northern New Hampshire. Built in 1902, this Gilded Age hotel is a staple of hospitality for New Hampshire and set the standard for many hotels in the nation at the time of its inception.

Mount Washington Hotel History

The Mount Washington Hotel was built between 1900 and 1902, costing $1.7 million or nearly $53 million today. The property was designed by architect Charles Alling Gifford and built by Joseph Stickney, a native of Concord, New Hampshire. Stickney recruited 250 Italian artisans to build the property, which led to the granite and stucco details that make the hotel so ornate. Stickney relied heavily on Gifford’s expertise as the hotel incorporated cutting-edge designs for the time, including a steel-frame superstructure, an electrical power plant, and an innovative heating system inside. The building also housed the state’s first indoor swimming pool - talk about making a splash! While guests at the time were taken back by the hotel’s exterior, the interior designs of the hotel were equally as intricate and detailed, featuring more than 1,000 artisan windows and nearly 5,000 electrical lights that illuminated the hotel.

The hotel was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1986 after the United States Department of Interior recognized its historical and architectural significance. This designation encapsulated the property's vintage beauty and solidified it as one of the last surviving Grand Hotels in the country. 

The hotel continued to make historical strides. In 1999, it opened its doors for the first time in the winter season for guests. This expanded availability was possible thanks to the extensive renovations and upgrades made by New Hampshire businessmen and women, who joined forces to invest in the property's future. 

Today the property still requires a lot of love and money to maintain. The most recent set of renovations and expansions occurred in 2006, costing a total of $90 million.

Mount Washington Resort
Source: Picryl

Stay a Night at Mount Washington Hotel 

For those looking to get out and experience the beauty of the hotel and New Hampshire’s lush landscape, there are a plethora of options for rooms. The entire hotel has been upgraded with modern amenities, making family trips more relaxing and appealing to all ages. Rooms range from $350 a night up to $600 for larger families. Hotel amenities include:  

  • Day spa
  • Winter recreational activities
  • Fine dining
  • Two 18-hole golf courses
  • Tennis courts
  • Shopping local boutiques
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountain biking
  • Fly fishing
  • Horseback riding  

Real Estate and Architecture: Why Architects Make Great Agents

The worlds of real estate and architecture are not far removed, and they often intertwine. One focuses on sales while the other focuses on design. Architects looking for new career opportunities can find great potential in the real estate business. This move is natural and holds lucrative opportunities for those willing to work for it.  Architects possess the following key qualities that are applicable to finding success in real estate:

  • An eye for detail
  • Strong visual awareness
  • A deep understanding of building materials and structures
  • Experience with building codes and required permits

With a real estate license, an architect can gain access to home listings while utilizing their diverse network for potential new clients, and they can draw from their personal and professional experiences to set themselves apart from other real estate professionals. Becoming a licensed real estate agent isn’t as hard as one might think - you just need to devote some time and energy to your new craft.

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