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New Amazon Distribution Center Spurs Apartment Developments in Akron
May 1, 2020

New Amazon Distribution Center Spurs Apartment Developments in Akron

by The CE Shop Team

A Surge of Job Opportunities Head to Akron

Amazon’s new distribution operation center in central Ohio is officially running. This is the third warehouse located in central Ohio, joining forces with the location in Etna Township and Obetz. Back in late 2019, Amazon announced that it would be building another warehouse, this building being 855,000 square feet near West Jefferson. This new center will employ hundreds of workers who will be responsible for picking, packing, and shipping items for various Amazon operations.

All together, Amazon warehouse openings will create 2,500 full-time jobs, including 1,500 in just Akron. This is bringing in new housing developments to the area in the form of apartment complexes. Prefabricated units will be assembled by a Richfield builder and developer using the same modular construction techniques that allowed China to build a 1,000-bed hospital in just 10 days. They plan to build 160 apartments for future Amazon workers.

Todd Tober, President of Tober Building Co. is undertaking this project. He has stated publicly that if there is need for healthcare facilities in response to COVID-19, that they wouldn’t hesitate to stop construction and re-work their plan if the modular units are needed.

"I would absolutely take that idea to the decision-makers ... and I don't think it would be that difficult," Tober said, adding that he would need approval from the IRS, since the apartment project is being funded with $7 million in federal tax credits.

Tober said that he figured the online retailer’s building projects would mean there would be a need for housing in the area. He also has plans to build 120 apartments nearby on Vernon Odom Boulevard. He plans to break ground on that project later this year.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Amazon has stated it needs more employees than originally thought, increasing the number of workers at the Akron facility to 3,000, and 100,000 nationwide. This is great news for the central Ohio area, bringing in new housing developments and job opportunities.

How to Safely Work as an Agent During COVID-19

Real estate is an essential service in Ohio, which is great news for agents throughout the state. However, this also comes with responsibilities and new guidelines to follow. Agents throughout the country are having to change and adapt to the changing landscape while still meeting the needs of their clients who want to buy and sell.

If you’re looking for resources to help you better understand how this pandemic affects you and how you can respond, take our free Doing Business During COVID-19 course.

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