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Live Your Own Christmas Story With a Trip to Ralphie’s House
December 7, 2020

Live Your Own Christmas Story With a Trip to Ralphie’s House

by The CE Shop Team

Get Into the Holiday Spirit by Putting Yourself in Ralphie’s Shoes

A Christmas Story is one of the most beloved films of the holiday season. Although it first premiered in 1983, it is still considered a classic Christmas movie and is played annually in theaters across America during the holidays. If you don’t want to trek out to a theater, you can also catch the 24-hour A Christmas Story marathon on both TBS and TNT that typically starts on Christmas Eve. To our delight, Ralphie’s home in Cleveland is an attraction you can not only visit, but also spend the night in.

Let Your A Christmas Story Dreams Come to Life

The 19th-century Victorian house, originally listed for $99,900, was purchased on Ebay for $150,000 and renovated in 2004 to appear just as it did in the movie. But one house just wasn’t enough to encompass the love we have for A Christmas Story, so entrepreneur Brian Jones expanded this endeavor to take over four houses. These homes include a museum, a gift shop, the Bumpus house (the infamous hound-dog-loving neighbors of the Parkers), and the A Christmas Story House itself.

Tour the House

The tour starts in the gift shop and makes its way through the houses on site. With general admission tickets going for $15, this is a fun way to immerse yourself in the movie set. Daily house tours start at 10:15 AM and run every half hour until 4:15 PM. You can either be brought through the house by a tour guide or choose a self-guided tour.

Check Out the Museum

Across the street from the A Christmas Story House is the A Christmas Story House Museum. Inside you’ll find behind-the-scenes photos, Randy’s snowsuit, and additional props from the movie. You can also enjoy one of the original Red Ryder BB-guns that was used in filming, which was purchased for $10,000 from the production asset manager for the film.

Buy Some Gifts

Ever wanted a Red Ryder air rifle of your own? Maybe you need a leg lamp to sit on your desk at home? Look no further: This gift shop is chock-full of classic props. Located in the house to the left of the museum, you’ll find movie memorabilia, souvenirs, and even bunny suits to stay warm during the winter.

Stay Overnight

Get the full Ralphie experience by booking an overnight stay at the A Christmas Story House. You and five of your best friends can take over the entire third floor with overnight rates starting at $395.

Not only can you stay in the A Christmas Story House, but you have the opportunity to sleep next door in the Bumpus House. Be careful bringing your holiday turkey on this visit; the Bumpuses are famous for stealing them. And although the Bumpus family housed 785 smelly hound dogs in the movie, they prefer if you leave your furry loved ones at home.

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What You Should Know Before Visiting

COVID-19 precautions have been put into place, making this a safe activity for everyone in the family. Make sure to bring your most festive mask as they are required inside all of the houses when following social distancing guidelines. Also, buy your tickets online before going; around 90,000 fans visited in 2019. Don’t worry about paying for parking as there are many free and available spots surrounding the houses. If you aren’t able to visit in person, they are offering a virtual tour this year.

While the A Christmas Story House isn’t for sale, houses in the surrounding neighborhood cost on average $75,831, with an average-day listing of just 31 days. If you’re interested in living in this growing real estate market in Ohio, the median home value across the state is $200,000.

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