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Knocking for Knobby: Tales of a Mythical Home Search
October 26, 2021

Knocking for Knobby: Tales of a Mythical Home Search

by The CE Shop Team

Knobby Needs a North Carolina Abode to Call Home

Though Bigfoot is often associated with West Coast wilderness areas such as Northern California or Washington, the Western mountains of North Carolina have seen their fair share of Bigfoot sightings. Dubbed Knobby, North Carolina has developed an affection for the Bigfoot-esque creature that has supposedly lurked in the woods of Cleveland County for years.

And now this coy client is ready to settle down in a cozy home of his own.

North Carolina's Knobby

Do You Know Knobby?

Described as a 10-ft. ape-man with six fingers on each hand, Knobby is beloved by many — not feared like the West Coast’s Bigfoot. Stories and sightings of the cryptid creature are vast and go back decades. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), there have been 96 reported Bigfoot sightings in North Carolina. A notable sighting unfolded back in 2010 when Tim Peeler called 911 to report a bigfoot beast in his backyard.

He called the authorities around 3:00 AM and reported seeing a beast in his yard. "He come right by me and walked right back out that path," Peeler said. 

The creature walked so close to him that Peeler poked him with a stick to scare him off. 

More recently, TV crews came to Casar Cleveland County to film an episode focused on residents that have reported their sightings in 2020. 

“Oh, I think people are going to be real interested in [Knobby],” said Eddie Walker, Casar Mayor. “This is just a small town, but we’ve got this interesting story that goes with us.”

Despite Knobby’s supposed stench (described as a charming “cross between roadkill and a skunk”), this cryptic cryptid could make for a canty client. 

Green Acres for Knobby

As a self-respecting Bigfoot, Knobby aims to have enough land to enjoy nighttime walks while living in comfortable privacy. His impressive size requires tall ceilings, wide door frames, and ample space to rest and relax. As of October 2021, the average cost for a home in North Carolina is $267,112, which shouldn’t be an issue for the longtime Tar Heel native. He’s been around for decades, so he’s likely snapped up some pirate treasure throughout his travels.

Black Mountain, NC - $749,500

123 acres in Black Mountain, NC

The first property of our search is an outsider’s paradise stretching over 123 acres in Black Mountain, mere minutes from Lake Lure. This luscious lot brushes the borders of Cherokee National Forest, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Nantahala National Forest. In other words, our mysterious monster could have his pick of prime roaming ranges. With this lot, Knobby wouldn’t need to worry about squeezing into any tight door frames; he could embrace his roots by sleeping under the star-rich night sky. 

Marion, NC - $974,900

Mountain Retreat in Marion, NC

This beautiful mountain retreat is an ideal setting for Knobby to catch up on some well-deserved R&R. The spacious home can easily accommodate Knobby’s stature, boasting 3 beds and 4 bathrooms on a 39-acre lot. After a long day of patrolling the green mountains of North Carolina, Knobby can come home and soak in the on-property hot tub. 

Marion, NC - $2,150,000

Custom Home in Marion, NC

The last home on our search is a stunning custom home that rests on 41 acres. Knobby would love the wrap-around porch that allows for easy outdoor enjoyment and the breathtaking views of Mount Mitchell. The 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home has huge vaulted ceilings that are ideal for a creature of Knobby’s size and comes complete with a pool, perfect for hosting pool parties for his mythical creature crew. The property also offers fruit trees, grapevines, and heirloom apple trees, allowing Knobby to graze to his heart’s content.  

Now the only question left is what to get him as a closing gift...

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