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Jessica Lipscomb: West Virginia’s 2020 REALTOR® of the Year
March 31, 2021

Jessica Lipscomb: West Virginia’s 2020 REALTOR® of the Year

by The CE Shop Team

Lipscomb Is the Top Agent in the Mountain State

Local real estate agent Jessica Lipscomb was named REALTOR® of the Year by the West Virginia Association of REALTORS® for 2020. She is an award-winning, top-producing REALTOR® in the Mountain State who has passionately served her community for the last 11 years. Lipscomb was presented the award via Zoom at the association’s annual conference event. She was able to share this moment with her daughter Dylan and embrace the experience to the fullest. This is Lipscomb’s third nomination for REALTOR® of the Year, and her second time winning the award as her first win took place in 2016.

Wise Words From the Winning West Virginia Real Estate Agent

Jessica Miller Lipscomb
Image source: Houses & More Real Estate

“There [were] a lot of emotional moves [in 2020],” Lipscomb said in an interview with the Preston County News & Journal. “Some days are challenging, but it has been an emotional year. That is what I love about the job. You become a part of someone’s family.”

She is a decorated veteran in the industry, having worked in real estate for over a decade. Lipscomb is the former President of the Morgantown Board of REALTORS® and the owner of her family-held real estate brokerage, Houses & More Real Estate.

Throughout her career, she’s been recognized for her impactful work in the industry, having been awarded the Rising Star award, President’s award, REALTOR® of the Year designation, West Virginia’s Wonder Woman by WV Living Magazine, and 40 Under 40 by the State Journal. In addition to her 2020 REALTOR® of the Year Award, her brokerage was named the Best Real Estate Company in the state. Clearly, whatever Lipscomb touches turns to gold. She’s created a name for herself as one of the best real estate agents in West Virginia - and her success, while fueled by hard work, can also be attributed to her winning attitude.

“My career in real estate is not a job, but a passion, I love selling homes and properties in Preston County. There is nowhere else I’d want to call home, and getting to share my community pride with buyers is really fulfilling,” Lipscomb said.

History of Women in Real Estate

While women now make up the majority of residential real estate agents nationwide, the industry has a long history of exclusion. It’s believed that women were working in real estate as early as the 1700s, although they were likely limited to administrative duties at the time. In the late 1800s, however, women finally stepped into agent and broker roles.

Women in early real estate were often either the widows or daughters of men in the industry, either half of a mother-son/husband-wife real estate team, or they were newly working professionals pushed to sell due to financial necessity. These pioneering women were largely on their own as networks and groups for women in real estate had not yet been established. In fact, it wasn’t until 1908 that the National Association of REALTORS®, America’s largest trade association to date, was formed. While the national association did welcome women starting in 1910, most regulatory decisions were made by local chapters, which were often less eager to include input from women in the industry. To combat this resistance, NAR formed a women’s division, Women’s Council of REALTORS®, at the 1938 annual convention in Milwaukee.

Today, ~67% of all residential real estate agents are women. Female agents are building businesses, supporting clients, and growing the real estate industry at rates never seen before.

Agents like Jessica Lipscomb are contemporary embodiments of the pioneering attitude that helped women break into the industry through their hard work and enduring successes.

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