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Jeff Bezos Dominated the SoCal Ultra-Luxury Market Last Year
February 8, 2021

Jeff Bezos Dominated the SoCal Ultra-Luxury Market Last Year

by The CE Shop Team

Prime Real Estate: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Led SoCal’s Luxury Market in 2020

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos made headlines in 2020 for the company’s neck-breaking profit increases, even during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the second-richest man in the world holds another title: California real estate’s all-time biggest spender. Bezos’s 2020 purchase of a $165-million Beverly Hills estate shattered records - how’s that for a commission?

Beverly Hills: Playground of the Rich and Famous

Via The Hollywood Reporter

Of course, Bezos settled in the ultra-luxe Beverly Hills neighborhood, one of the richest cities in the U.S. and the well-known “epicenter for wealth and glamor”. If the name rings a bell, you likely recognize the neighborhood for its other celebrity residents, including Ellen DeGeneres, Jack Nicholson, Taylor Swift, and Paris Hilton. Or, maybe you’re more familiar with that one Weezer song...

Either way, the e-commerce pioneer’s new home is nine-acres of pure Beverly Hills opulence. The compound includes its very own golf course, a tennis court, two guest houses, and a pool. It even boasts its own gas pumps. The main attraction, however, is the stately 1930s-era mansion, former home to Warner Brother’s eponymous mogul Jack Warner.

While there aren’t many current photos of the home, historic shots featured in a 1992 issue of Architectural Digest advertise some of the charm. From the pool-side lounge furniture to the home theater, one thing is for certain: Bezos now has more options than ever for luxury quarantine activities. We’ll let you decide if they’re worth a cool $165 million.

Looking to Make a Big Ticket Purchase?

Via Los Angeles Times

If you or a client have money to spend, why not set up shop in Beverly Hills, a stone’s throw from one of the richest men in the world? Add this stunning 5 bed, 8 bath chateau to cart where, for a cool $49 million, you’ll have an infinity pool, home gym, and even a beauty parlor that will rival Bezos’ new digs. Or, between the sprawling gardens and home theater, maybe this newly-remodeled 8 bed, 15 bath compound, priced at $32.5 million, is more your speed. Either way, you’re sure to have plenty in common with your new neighbor Jeff.

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