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Online vs In-Person Real Estate Classes in Kentucky
July 27, 2020

Online vs In-Person Real Estate Classes in Kentucky

by The CE Shop Team

The Benefits of Online Heavily Outweigh In-Person Classes

Getting your real estate license in any state will require you to take a Pre-Licensing course to earn your license. The requirements for becoming an agent will vary by state, so remember to check in on your state’s requirements. What also varies is how you choose to take your real estate education.

The courses you decide to take will be an investment of time and money, and the knowledge you gain through this education will be the foundation for your career in real estate. This is an important decision in your first steps into real estate, and your real estate school should meet both the needs of your personal and professional lifestyle.

What’s the Best Real Estate School for You?

In every state there are a number of real estate schools that provide education for real estate licensing. Online real estate classes and in-classroom classes are the two options you have for taking your real estate classes throughout your career.

Why Do People Prefer In-Person Real Estate School?

Maybe taking your classes in a classroom is right for you. Here are the advantages of taking your real estate education in-person.

Learning Environment Being able to ask questions and brainstorm ideas with fellow students can be very helpful. For example, maybe a concept you covered in a section of your course was confusing and you’d like to ask your classmate for some help going over the areas that confused you.
Learning Style Some people prefer classrooms and textbooks to online learning. This can be an advantage when it comes time to study for your exam. Having the textbook with you can be a great tool when it’s crunch time.
Scheduled Classes Having a structured class schedule and creating a routine is great for some people. Being able to see the time blocks you have scheduled throughout the week makes it easier to get organized heading into every week of work and classes.
Face Time with Instructors Learning in a classroom gives you access to a teacher to answer questions or go over a topic. Having access to your instructor before or after class can be a very helpful resource.

Online vs In-Person Real Estate Classes in Kentucky

Why Do People Like Online Real Estate School?

Does online learning sound more like your style? There are some heavy hitting advantages for online real estate education.

Money Online learning helps you save on associated costs such as gas, baby sitters, and car maintenance. With online learning you only pay for the cost of your course, nothing else. The financial differences are more surprising than you may think.
Time Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t have to waste it commuting back and forth from real estate classes. The average real estate student who drives to class three days a week loses up to 6 hours per week. See how valuable your time is with this interactive time calculator.
Flexibility Taking on a full week of work on top of other responsibilities is difficult for anyone, but online classes are there for you whenever you’re ready to learn. This gives you control of your schedule and lets you decide when you’d like to study.
Engagement Through videos, webinars, podcasts, online student forums, and reading comprehension tests, you will have all kinds of resources to supplement your learning experience. We understand that everyone learns differently, so we provide an ample amount of career resources to give our students the right tools to succeed in both their education and their career.

Online real estate courses and in-classroom courses each have their advantages. Ultimately, finding what will help you succeed efficiently and in a reasonable amount of time will get you prepared for your exam and your new career.

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