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How WA's Most Famous Dog Might Celebrate National Pet Month
May 3, 2021

How WA's Most Famous Dog Might Celebrate National Pet Month

by The CE Shop Team

Air Buddy Could Win Big in Washington’s Real Estate Market

May just so happens to be National Pet Month and we’re celebrating in style with none other than Washington’s most illustrious dog, Air Buddy. This prominent pup starred in the 1997 classic Air Bud and inspired a string of spinoffs that any dog lover could get behind.

The original film, Air Bud, follows 12-year-old Josh Framm, who moves to the fictional town of Fernfield, Washington after his father’s untimely death. Josh struggles to make friends and muster up the courage to try out for the school basketball team until he finds Buddy, a runaway Golden Retriever. The two become fast friends and, with the realization that Buddy can shoot baskets, they take to the school’s team for a furry, feel-good ending.

As the Air Buddy series grossed a whopping $39 million, Buddy would likely have a true baller’s budget. With the acclaimed canine rolling over in cash, here’s where he might sit and stay if he was in the market today.

A $5.9 Million Seattle Estate


This stunning Seattle 8,200-sq.-ft. home, complete with tasteful yard and generously sized rooms, is a dog-lover’s dream! A soaking tub would make dog baths a breeze, and there’s already some Golden Retriever-inspired art. Between the impressive kitchen, 5 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms, Buddy wouldn’t mind this property going to the dogs - and who could blame him!

A $5.9 Million Blaine Beauty


Between the expansive rec room and fully outfitted home gym, Buddy could certainly keep up his rigorous training schedule in this 11,966-sq.-ft. home. This 5 bedroom, 9 bathroom home offers picturesque views of the San Juan Islands and sits in an exclusive gated community, so Buddy could play outside without fear of any escape attempts.

A $7.3 Million Bellevue Abode


This lakeside estate offers a pool for dog paddling, 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and an expansive home theater to stream the entirety of the Air Bud franchise. Plus, who could turn their nose up at the elegance, quality, and comfort apparent in the 7,440 sq. ft. of fully furnished luxury living space?

An $8.7 Million Mercer Island Mansion


This 7,270-sq.-ft. waterfront home boasts plenty of yard room for Buddy’s various sports interests as well as a yoga room to perfect that downward dog. The private dock is also perfect for a mid-afternoon swim or perhaps an aquatic game of fetch. And if the whole team wants to stay over, there’s plenty of space; this 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom mansion has room for everyone.

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