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How to Utilize Aaron Rodgers’ Abilities In Your Real Estate Career
August 31, 2020

How to Utilize Aaron Rodgers’ Abilities In Your Real Estate Career

by The CE Shop Team

Utilize Aaron Rodgers’ Skills to Become the Best Agent You Can Be

Aaron Rodgers is an MVP-winning Super Bowl champion NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, and is widely regarded as one of the calmest quarterbacks in the NFL, especially under unique high pressure situations. He has proven throughout his career that he can stay relaxed in the pocket, or outside the pocket, under pressure.

Throughout your career in real estate we’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of high pressure situations. Like Rodgers, you need to stay calm and still perform your job.

Learn How to Apply Aaron Rodgers’ Skills to Real Estate

  1. Knows How to Play Through The Pain

    Rodgers knows a thing or two about getting hit and getting back up and returning to the game. Known for getting injured and returning to play, Rodgers solidified this during his famous knee injury sustained during the 2018 season opener against the Chicago Bears. During this game, he injured his knee and was carted off the field, only to return in the second half and win the game.

    In your real estate career you will certainly have high points and low points. Throughout both, you must remind yourself that it’s important to be persistent and keep working. Channel your inner Aaron Rodgers when you hit a low point, a bump in the road when you think you can’t get through it. Through persistence comes success, and sometimes you just need to stick it out.

  2. Keeps Calm in a Crisis

    Aaron Rodgers is an MVP Pro Football Quarterback, a Super Bowl winner, has amazing accuracy, and is often the calmest player on the field. Part of Rodgers’ mystique is just how calm he looks doing all of this, even during the most high-pressure situations.

    Rodgers' ability to stay cool may seem like an innate or preternatural gift, and to some extent a genetic predisposition. What really helps him keep his calm is the confidence in knowing that he's prepared so well for every situation and nothing will catch him off guard. Rodgers often says that he feels this confidence after putting in the work Monday through Saturday of that week and in the off-season. Being prepared and organized will give you the confidence to be a successful real estate agent.

  3. Great Leadership On and Off The Field

    An important trait of any great leader is their character both on the field and off. Aaron Rodgers exemplifies his strong character by giving back financially and with his time. He made headlines in 2019 when Cal University’s Football Program received a seven-figure donation from Rodgers. He felt that he owed something to that program, and made the decision to give back to a group that helped him get to his current position.

    As a real estate agent, you work closely with residents in your community and can build your career on their choices to buy and sell. To show your respect and appreciation of your community, you should remember to give back. This can be done in many ways, whether you give back through volunteering, giving to charity, or cleaning up around town on your own time. Whatever it is, remember to give back to the community that gives so much to you.

Apply Rodgers’ Skills To Your Career

Image provided by Air Force Recruiting Service

Whether you're meeting with a client to talk about their wants and needs, leading a meeting, or closing on a home, it’s reassuring to know that you thoroughly prepared and are ready for different scenarios. Learning the skills and tactics that help one of the greatest quarterbacks succeed will help.

By learning and applying these skills, you’ll be able to utilize Aaron Rodgers’ on and off the field abilities in your career.

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