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How to Stage a Festive Home for the Holidays in New Mexico
December 11, 2020

How to Stage a Festive Home for the Holidays in New Mexico

by The CE Shop Team

Don't Let Cooler Temps Put a Freeze On Your Home-Staging Efforts

Agents across the state may be feeling anxious with the winter buying season upon us. After all, winter sales in New Mexico made up only 20.2% of the annual total closings last year. This year, it’s possible there will be even fewer homeseekers out and about. To entice existing buyers and tie up each listing with a bow, we’ve put together a quick guide outlining how to stage a warm, welcoming environment this holiday season.

Tips for Staging New Mexico Homes During the Holidays

Now officially the winter selling season, the beloved tumbleweed snowman is chilling in Albuquerque, and the snow is falling in Red River. While droves of buyers may not be hitting the pavement in the same way as during the warmer months, winter in New Mexico offers some unique selling points. By paying careful attention to exteriors, creating a warm ambiance inside, and adding a few festive accents, you can increase your selling power and perhaps even your winter numbers.

1. Enhance Curb Appeal

If you’re planning to sell a property in New Mexico this winter, make a strong first impression with plenty of curb appeal. In addition to their usual lawn care and, depending on the area, snow maintenance, encourage your clients to add some additional visual interest. New Mexico’s signature luminarias add a soft glow to afternoon and evening showings and can be placed along the front walkway. Wreathes, holiday lights, or your own tumbleweed snowman are sure to get buyers in the holiday spirit as well.

Take inspiration from this 5 bed, 5 bath in Albuquerque. Warm lighting makes the exterior inviting even as temperatures drop, and a wreath at the front door adds a touch of festivity. With an exterior like this, Santa has no choice but to stop by.

2. Maximize Indoor Areas

With temperatures in some parts of the state falling into the 30s, you’ll want to keep the inside of the house warm, cozy, and welcoming. Before hosting any open houses, instruct clients to inspect the HVAC system for any problems, change the furnace filter to keep the home smelling fresh, check all doors and windows for drafts, and weather-seal if needed. Then, work on creating ambiance. Pull back the curtains to maximize natural light, replace any dead bulbs, and add lamps or sconces to any dark corners.

Abundant light can transform a room, creating the illusion of both a bigger and warmer space. During the shortest and coldest days of the year, maximize this effect in your listings. This 2 bed, 5 bath in Santa Fe utilizes large windows, overhead lighting, and both standing and table lamps to illuminate the house and give buyers a good look at their potential future home.

3. Ignite the Senses

From the scent of pine to the sight of red-hot ristras, winter is perhaps the most sensory of the seasons. Take advantage of the warmth and nostalgia by peppering some festive accents throughout the home. Incorporate red, green, gold, and silver throw pillows or add a festive centerpiece to the table. Organic embellishments like pottery, locally grown chiles, and decorative cacti will look right at home on the hearth, and a holiday-themed candle will delight potential buyers. Bonus points if you or your client bake some traditional biscochitos! While serving food safely may be off the table, the sweet smell of cinnamon and anise alone might just make the sale.

Take inspiration from this 3 bed, 2.75 bath in Las Cruces. The adobe, abundant sunshine, and greenery are distinctly New Mexican, while pops of red tie in the holiday season. Plus, that stainless steel oven is practically begging to bake some biscochitos.

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