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Don’t let boredom become a bad habit. Here are a few tips on how to find the fun as a real estate agent.
April 5, 2018

How to Find the Fun and Keep Boredom at Bay

by The CE Shop Team

Embracing “Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day”

April 3rd marked the annual celebration of Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day. Theoretically, if you don’t enjoy your job, you can simply skip it on April 3rd. We’ve all had those days when it’s a struggle to get out of bed and head into the office. But it’s not that easy to skip work. Rather than taking the day to ditch, take this time to examine your work life and what could be changed in order to make it more fun on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re reading this blog article, you are already taking important steps to break bad habits and reinvigorate your workday. The first step is recognizing that something needs to change. If you are consistently bored throughout your day, take note of what you are doing when boredom strikes. Was it during an open house? Were you finishing paperwork? Once you know which aspects of your job are slowing you down, you’ll know which areas you need to give extra attention. Whatever you do, do not ignore persistent boredom in your work life. Ignoring the problem could lead to higher stress, poor mental health, and low productivity - all of which can be destructive in a commissions-based workplace.

One of the ways to combat real estate fatigue is to learn new skills. Online continuing education courses are easy to complete during your downtime at the office and are a great way to keep your mind active. Sometimes it simply takes focusing on something else for a short time to jumpstart your concentration and inspire you. Finishing just one hour of coursework can reinvigorate you and bring your attention back to something that previously seemed tedious or uninteresting. As Forbes explains, “while you’re improving your abilities and making yourself more valuable in your current position, you’re also improving your future opportunities for career growth and success.”

Another method to curb boredom is to create something new. Perhaps it’s a new flyer or a unique yard sign. You can take one of the skills you just learned and create something brand new. Constructing new ideas or designs will kickoff a momentum that you might have lost somewhere along the way through your daily tasks and ordeals. Try to take on a project that will push you outside of your current comfort zone and develop your skill set. These creations will keep your brain sharp and help you find fun in a new part of your career.

You chose a career in real estate because you are passionate about the industry and you enjoy helping others achieve their dreams. Every job has its ups and downs and real estate is no different. It will not involve joking around and laughing every second of the day but it’s important to still make your daily happiness a priority because it is an indicator of how well you fit into your real estate career.

In the future, when boredom overtakes you, you can use these tactics to rediscover what makes your job fun each and every day.