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How One Woman's Social Feeds Inspire Thousands of Agents
March 15, 2021

How One Woman's Social Feeds Inspire Thousands of Agents

by The CE Shop Team

Kala Laos Is Reinventing Social Media for Real Estate

Marketing and engaging through social media is now one of the most important aspects of a successful real estate agent’s career. Some agents take to tweeting like a duck to water, and others, well, aren’t so keen on the subject. Whether you’re in one camp or the other, every agent can benefit from the power provided by today’s social media landscape. One woman paving the way in this field is Arizona’s own Kala Laos.

Kala Laos

Kala Laos has worked in real estate for more than 17 years, sold thousands of homes, and helped hundreds of agents build successful businesses. She also touts a number of impressive accolades, including Rookie of the Year, Top Team in the Southwest Region of the United States, contracts with Bank of America, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and HUD, and designation as an Inman contributor. Now the Designated Broker Owner of JK Realty, “the most contagious brokerage in Phoenix”, Laos has established social media as the “lifeblood” of her business.

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How Kala Laos Revolutionized Social Media for Real Estate

As Laos puts it, “social media is life.” She estimates that approximately 65% of current business transactions come from social media and its personal appeal, not unlike the friendly nature of real estate. “Real estate is a ‘people’ business, and people do business with other people that they know, they like, and they trust. One of the things that’s so amazing about social media is that it accelerates the trust-building process, so you can literally build trust with thousands of people at scale.” But how exactly does one leverage a Facebook post to snag 65% of their client base in one fell swoop? Laos has some sage advice for agents utilizing social media to break into real estate and beyond.

Focus on Engagement

According to Laos, one of the aspects most social media strategies are lacking is robust engagement initiatives. “It’s not just about what you post, it’s about how you engage,” said Laos. “Follow other related accounts, like and comment on other people's posts,” and engage, engage, engage. Laos, for example, has her agents like 100 posts and leave 50 comments each and every day. This interaction bolsters online relationships, gets the agent’s name out, and builds reciprocity.

“I look at it like a bank account. With social media, you have to make deposits, you have to give value, you have to give goodwill. You can’t just go to the ATM and take out money if you haven’t put anything in.” Increasing engagement efforts is one easy way that agents can instantly level up their social media game, regardless of how resistant or camera-shy they may be.

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Expand Your Content

Laos also recommends beefing up the content her agents share. Her advice? “Use inventory! People love to see homes.” Behind-the-scenes photos, videos, stories, and tours allow potential clients a peek into working with you and can be cross-posted to both Instagram and Facebook.

Taking advantage of novel platforms and features is also key. Laos is “bullish” when it comes to Reels, a brief, engaging video option Instagram has created to compete with TikTok. “The cool thing about Instagram is that it’s prioritizing Reels,” said Laos. “So if you post Reels right now, you’re going to be favored by the algorithm gods, and you’re going to go into all these feeds.” Laos, for example, shared a Reel of her making broccoli cheddar soup for dinner one night. Within two hours, the video had garnered a whopping 2,000 views. “It’s an amazing way to get noticed,” she said. “You don’t have to show yourself, you can show homes, you could go do a tour…” The sky is truly the limit.


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Be Confident

Finally, like much of real estate and beyond, confidence is key. “When I first started making videos and using social media, I was terrified,” Laos said. “I would go out there and I would make a video and post it, and I would sit back and literally beat myself up… Every human, I don’t care who you are, we’ve all struggled with not being good enough.”

The power lies in deciding that your ideas, voice, and content are worth being seen, and success is within reach. “At first you’re not going to be competent or confident, but you have to start,” said Laos. “Once you start, you’ll build confidence. When you build confidence, you’ll build your competence.” Suddenly, before you know it, you’re an expert Instagrammer, and your internet presence is pulling in that 65% of your business.

Laos’s final words of advice for agents? “You can do it, I believe in you! You sell houses, right? You’re like a crisis management expert - you can make a Reel!”

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