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How (and Why) You Should Quit Your Job for a Real Estate Career
April 30, 2020

How (and Why) You Should Quit Your Job for a Real Estate Career

by The CE Shop Team

Quit Your Job in Style with These 5 Suggestions

There are many reasons why you may be considering leaving your job and going into real estate. Some of those reasons may be to:

  • Pursue an Independent Career
  • Become Your Own Boss
  • Not Be Limited by Vertical Hierarchies
  • Drop the 9-5 and Have Scheduling Flexibility
  • Have a Limitless Salary Cap

Let’s be real though. You know why you want to quit your job and become an agent. That’s pretty obvious to you. What really matters now is how you do it. Follow one of these five epic farewells for making a lasting impression before becoming a licensed agent.

How to Quit Your Job for a Career in Real Estate

  1. The Irish Goodbye

    Level of Difficulty: 4/5

    If you’re a person that’s not keen on emotional exits where Donna from Accounting bear hugs you for five minutes, the Irish Goodbye is the best choice for you. It’s simple and no one, at least to your knowledge, is ever hurt by your exit.

    Sure, your boss and colleagues might be wondering “Whatever happened to Bob?” and that damn Donna will respond “Oh, I think he’s visiting folks in Wisconsin,” thus pushing their concerns (and an extra paycheck) to the next week. Eventually, they’ll get the hint, but you won’t really care because you’ll already be launching an independent career in real estate.

  2. Hulkzilla Exit

    Level of Difficulty: 4/5

    As the best real estate education provider in the industry, we would never condone violence. That being said, sometimes a little rage and destruction are necessary for telling your boss how you really feel.

    The Hulkzilla Exit is when you quit your job and then tell the office by destroying everything in your path. If you’re considering the Hulkzilla Exit, make sure to strategize what exactly you’re going to destroy first. For example, don’t go to the copy room and break the printer. A) It’s expensive and B) No one will see it.

    Instead, look for innocuous items you can throw at walls, or ask around if anyone needs a new computer but can’t order one because theirs is still functional. And make sure you actually quit first before lodging that stapler. It will be very anticlimactic (and awkward) to tell the boss you’re leaving after your rampage.

    Oh, and whatever you do, don’t destroy anything of Donna’s. She’s a surefire lawsuit waiting to happen.

  3. The Diatribe

    Level of Difficulty: 5/5

    Sometimes, we all need a cathartic cleansing. And there’s no better way to get that monkey off your shoulder than a good ole’ diatribe.

    When writing your speech, make sure to hit on the following subjects: why you’re quitting, your top-three least favorite things about your boss, and anything else that irks you about the gig. Hyperbole and rhetorical questions are strongly recommended. Also, feel free to throw in some elements from the Hulkzilla execution, although make sure to strategize and not throw Donna’s Pet Stapler.

    There are three ways to execute a diatribe when quitting your job:

    • In-Person Audience

      Show up to work around 10:30 AM and incite an argument with your boss. Make sure the argument happens in the center of the office. As your boss begins explaining why a 10:30 AM arrival time is unacceptable, step onto a nonrotating chair and release the beast!

    • Quirky Youtube Video

      If you’re skilled in the video department, set up a studio in your home and film yourself giving the speech. Make sure to include corny, over-the-top graphics to increase engagement rates and chances to go viral. When finished, send a company-wide email with a subject line resembling “What Do Cow Manure and This Job Have in Common?”

    • Social Media Post

      We strongly encourage you NOT to go this route. It comes off as petty and does not take full advantage of the performance value the two preceding options will offer. Remember, this is supposed to be dramatic. Sometimes the written word is not enough to get across what you need to say.

  4. The Passive-Aggressive Tattle Tale

    Level of Difficulty: 3/5

    We are not strong supporters of this method, but it does have some effectiveness when it comes to epic job quits.

    The Passive-Aggressive Tattle Tale is when, during your exit interview, you spill your guts about the place. Like, everything. Things like how half of HR and Sales leave before 2 PM every day or how Donna constantly gaslights you about “you aren’t smelling the fish I cooked in the microwave. That’s just Gary.” I mean come on, Donna. Who are you fooling?

    Anyway, make sure not to be terribly blunt. Passive-aggressive comments like “I really enjoyed my time here, although I do wish we could’ve invested a little more money and updated our Windows 95 software” will work wonders in making your bosses feel ashamed for providing such a hostile work environment that fueled your jump into real estate.

  5. Take It Like a Champ

    Level of Difficulty: 0/5

    This is by far your safest and most boring choice. You walk in, ya give ‘em ya 2-weeks’ notice. Two weeks go by, ya say ya goodbyes, and sayonara, you’re off into the great wide world of real estate.

    The upside of this exit is that you don’t burn any bridges, earn a class C felony, or get into a lengthy and time-consuming lawsuit with Donna. The downside is you don’t get to take full advantage of this newly abound freedom you have uncovered by quitting your lackluster job and showing Donna how you really feel.

    It’s a hard pill to swallow, but we, as responsible real estate education providers, strongly suggest choosing this route. But remember, you only live once. #yolo

Congratulations and good luck in your new career in real estate. And, most importantly, never ever having to speak to Donna again. I think everyone can raise a glass to that. Cheers!