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How a Minnesota Agent Uses Tech to Better Serve His Clients
December 29, 2021

How a Minnesota Agent Uses Tech to Better Serve His Clients

by The CE Shop Team

Brandon Doyle Finds Success as an Author, Speaker, and Real Estate Tech Expert

Some real estate agents might be intimidated by the idea of incorporating the latest technology into their business, but not Brandon Doyle.

Doyle, a recipient of The CE Shop’s Innovation Award, has built his career on using technology — such as aerial photography, video, or 3D tours, to name a few — to improve the buying and selling process. He has a particular passion for smart home technology, a topic that he dives into on his YouTube channel, Home Tech Decisions.

“I enjoy finding interesting technology and then saying, ‘Okay, how can we make that work in the real estate world? How can we make the transaction better for the consumer? How can we save time or market something better?’” Doyle said. “And so that’s really been the goal with anything that we try to implement.”

In 2017, Inman named Doyle one of the most influential people in real estate. He has written three books, and he frequently speaks at conferences and writes articles for real estate publications such as Inman and REALTOR® Magazine.

In an interview with The CE Shop, Doyle shared more about his career and offered advice for other agents.

Providing Actionable, Relevant Advice

Doyle, an agent with RE/MAX Results, is part of a father-son real estate team based in Maple Grove, Minnesota. He joined his father in the business about a decade ago.

He enjoyed working as a real estate agent, and it wasn’t long before he wanted to start sharing his knowledge of the industry with other agents.

The idea for his first book — which he co-wrote with two other real estate professionals, Nicholas Dreher and Marshall Saunders — stemmed from a desire to provide relevant, actionable advice for the everyday real estate agent. And thus, Mindset, Methods & Metrics: Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent was created.

“I’ve attended a lot of conferences, and at the time of writing our first book, Nick and I had sat down and said, ‘You know, we’re hearing a lot of really good stuff on stage, but we want actionable items, and we want to quantify the things that they’re saying,’” Doyle said. 

“And at that time, there wasn’t really a book out there that was written for the everyday agent, in our opinion. There were some really good resources, but they had been written many years prior, and we didn’t feel that the information that was shared was really relevant to today.”

They also aimed “to create a resource that would be good for any agent, no matter what market you’re in,” Doyle said. “A lot of times, the people that are on stage are typically on the coasts, or it might be a higher price point, and that doesn’t always translate to something that could work with a Midwest agent.” 

Following the success of their book, the trio released a companion workbook. Doyle then wrote two more books, Real Estate Marketing Playbook and Success Rate Marketing: How Small Businesses Can Leverage KPIs and Stop Losing Money.

‘On the Bleeding Edge of Technology'

Throughout his career, Doyle has made a name for himself as a trailblazer in the world of tech tools for real estate agents.

“I’ve always kind of been on the bleeding edge of technology,” he said. “We were actually the first to start using drones as an agent here in Minnesota. There had been people that had hired it out, but we were the first to actually purchase our own and built it. And at that time, it wasn’t something that was super readily available. 

“We were doing a lot of land listings at the time — what better way to showcase acreage and lakeshore property than with aerial technology? Of course now, fast-forward to today, that’s just common, basically everyone is doing it.”

He said he learned about the use of 360° virtual tours at a conference and also was the first to bring the technology to Minnesota. 

It’s “just really seeing what’s working in other markets, and then [figuring out] how can we apply that here,” Doyle said. 

There can be challenges to being among the first to use a new technology, though. 

“Of course, when you’re the first to do something, it’s a little bit more expensive, and so we’re kind of the guinea pigs,” he said. “Now, the technology is advanced and [has] become a lot more affordable.”

Doyle says he’s excited to see that an increasing number of real estate professionals are incorporating technology into their business.

“We were the first with aerial and the first with 360° [tours] in our market, and I’m just really excited to see the adoption rates increase,” Doyle said. “...I want to see more of that in our market, because that’s a real benefit for all buyers. It’s so much easier to visualize a property when you can either get that moving picture or you can click through on your own with an included floor plan.”

For some agents, trying out new technology can be intimidating or confusing — but you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Instead, you could consider hiring a specialist to provide services such as aerial photography, Doyle said.

“The beauty is that now all sorts of providers are stepping in and providing these services, and the costs have come down substantially,” he said. 

“You don’t need to go learn how to fly a drone, because there’s tons of drone pilots available in every market, and for very affordable prices… Just let them be the specialist and hire them for your listings — it’s going to make you look like a rockstar, and then you’re not having to worry about purchasing a very expensive camera and learning how to use it.”

There’s No Technology-Based ‘Silver Bullet’

Doyle’s biggest piece of advice for other agents, though, isn’t about using one specific tech tool or another — it’s about work ethic and cultivating relationships.

“I think a lot of people spend a lot of time worrying about the next big thing. You know, ‘Do I need to buy leads from XYZ? Or, ‘What is Zillow doing right now? How does that affect me?’ And they just get so distracted,” Doyle said. 

“They’re looking for that next silver bullet, and in reality, there's nothing I can tell you that you probably don't already know. It's just a matter of having that discipline to, every day, get up and make the contacts, reach out to someone. Especially now, we're definitely a relationship-based business, and there's nothing that any tech company is going to do that is going to disrupt that relationship and trust that you've built over time with people you know, your past clients.”

While tech tools can make the real estate industry more efficient, they aren’t a substitute for the value that agents bring to the table, he said.

“...We don’t want to automate everything, because we’re not robots,” he said. “Being human is what makes us successful, so there’s a lot of things that we should just take ownership of and not try to automate.”

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