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Houston Ranked 11th Best City in the U.S. by Resonance Consultancy
August 24, 2020

Houston Ranked 11th Best City in the U.S. by Resonance Consultancy

by The CE Shop Team

Houston Is a Great Place to Call Home

As if Houston-based real estate professionals don’t already have a lot to brag about, make way for one more acclaim. That’s because the Space City just secured the #11 spot on Resonance Consultancy’s America’s Top 100 Cities list for 2020.

Rankings are based on these six core factors:

  • ‘Place,’ which considers things like weather, outdoor recreation, and safety.
  • ‘Product,’ which takes into account amenities like local universities, convention centers, and access to professional sporting events.
  • ‘People,’ which includes diversity and education level.
  • ‘Prosperity,’ which analyzes economic opportunities as well as household income.
  • ‘Programming,’ which evaluates the city’s dining and nightlife scene.
  • ‘Promotion,’ which looks at Google Trends and the number of Instagram hashtags/Facebook check-ins.

Referenced in the report as “smart, skilled and soulful” and as “the American city of the future”, Houston scored high in many regards, but especially in terms of access to Fortune 500 companies, Google Trends, and restaurants. It also outranked every other city in Texas, with Dallas securing the 14th spot, Austin coming in at 17th, and San Antonio holding the 27th position on the list.

In fact, the report ranks the Bayou City 4th in the country for its restaurant culture, only tailing the dining scenes in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Over the past decade, the city has experienced a tremendous increase in international residents, making it one of the most diverse cities in the world. Approximately 145 different languages are spoken in Houston homes, which is more than in places like New York, so it comes as no surprise that Houston has an explosive, exciting, and diverse restaurant culture - definitely a huge selling point for the culinary-curious among us.

Houston grabs another ‘4th in the country’ spot for its concentration of Fortune 500 companies but ranks poorly in terms of income inequality at 99th place. For that, among other things, here are the cities that outrank Houston:

Resonance Consultancy’s Top 10 Cities in America:

  1. New York
  2. Los Angeles
  3. San Francisco
  4. Chicago
  5. Washington D.C.
  6. San Diego
  7. Las Vegas
  8. San Jose
  9. Miami
  10. Boston

However, from a real estate perspective, Houston remains the most affordable of the lot by a longshot. With a median home value of $191,907, H-town is far less expensive than places like San Francisco which has a median home value of $1,447,191 or Washington D.C. at $640,783.

Considering its thriving restaurant scene, a strong economy, access to sports and entertainment, and plenty of affordable housing, we’d say Houston is the most appetizing of the bunch for those looking to live comfortably within their means, and it’s definitely first in our hearts.

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