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Hop Into House Hunting for Austin's Famous Jackalope
October 21, 2021

Hop Into House Hunting for Austin's Famous Jackalope

by The CE Shop Team

Let’s Find This Cagey Client an Austin Abode

Of all the cryptids that evolved throughout American folklore, one of the most fascinating and harmless is the Jackalope. The Jackalope is famous in Texas pop culture and is sometimes thought to have been born in the Lone Star State, but tales of this timid creature actually originated in Wyoming. Regardless, Jackalopes can be found in nearly every Texan dive bar, usually donning beads in the antlers adorned on the hare’s head.

The Jackalope of Texas

Origins of the Jackalope

Legends of animal hybrids have appeared in American folklore for centuries, but horned hares date back to 13th century Persia, where works of art depict a rabbit with horns on its head. The idea of a horned hare continued throughout Medieval and Renaissance time periods, clearly making an impression on humans as the legend lives on today.

The legend of the American Jackalope can be attributed to Douglas Herrick, a taxidermist in Wyoming who created the hybrid animal in the 1930s and sold it to tourists as a way to make money during the Great Depression. After picking up steam in the ‘30s, the legend grew, and soon sightings and reports of living Jackalopes spread across the nation. These reports weren’t elaborate hoaxes or even made-up fairy tales — rabbits commonly become infected by a virus known as shope papillomavirus, which causes tumors to grow on their head that resemble horns. 

Shelters for the Jackalope

The Jackalope is an adaptable creature, as it’s been spotted across the country. This exemplifies the creature’s flexibility and laid-back lifestyle. While Jackalopes haven’t had much time to save up for a home, their large family size means more hares contributing to the down payment. In other words, Austin’s rising cost of living due to a recent boom in growth should be no problem for this brood, though there’s no word yet just how much these hares have contributed to the rise in population. After all, hares have an average litter size of at least six offspring.

The average cost for a home in the Austin metro area is $520,898, which is attainable for this daring drove. Let’s hop into this house hunt!

Elgin, TX - $510,000

Home in Elgin, Texas

The first home in our search is a charming countryside retreat in the rolling hills of Elgin. Located on 10 acres of land that border an open field, this property offers a great opportunity for the Jackalope to settle down with its large family. The 4 bed, 2 bath main home is accompanied by two cabins that are perfect for Jacky’s parents, siblings, and numerous cousins. The primarily agricultural plot would also provide plenty of food for an all-you-can-eat veggie buffet. 

Dripping Springs, TX - $2,700,000

Unique Property in Dripping Springs, Texas

Second on our list is prime property in Dripping Springs, which features a cool creek that flows just behind the home. This 25-acre lot is surrounded by mature oak trees, providing plenty of privacy and shade from those unforgiving Texas summers. The 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home comprises a single story with an open layout that can easily accommodate the hare’s troop. Thanks to their diminutive stature, the Jackalope has no problem enjoying smaller spaces. 

Spicewood, TX - $9,500,000

Rare Find in Spicewood, Texas

The last property on our home search is a rare find for Texans. This prime parcel stretches over 99 acres and lies just west of Austin, giving Jacky the best of both country living and urban entertainment. Part of what makes this property so special is the sheer diversity of its landscape. It includes Fall Creek Canyon rim-to-rim as well as a spring-fed creek that feeds into the Pedernales River. The 5 bed, 5.5 bathroom home was custom built in 2004 and designed to pay homage to historic Texas homesteads while giving residents modern amenities to sit back and enjoy the surrounding landscape in style. 

Now only one question remains... What do you get a Jackalope for his closing gift? Let us know in the comments down below!

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