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Holiday Marketing Ideas for Connecticut Real Estate Agents
December 7, 2020

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Connecticut Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team

Try These Holiday Marketing Ideas For Your Connecticut Clients

As we enter the holiday season and begin to wind our year down, your community and clients will inevitably get busier. Activity levels may drop, but that doesn’t mean the demand and interest in real estate isn’t there. Right now is no time to let up, so keep your foot on the gas and finish this year strong. If there are clients still demanding homes, then you still have a job to do. What will you do this holiday season to stay top-of-mind?

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, St. Lucia Day, Kwanzaa, or simply enjoying the cooler weather, we’ll show you how to cash in on the winter season through your marketing efforts and set yourself up for success all year round.

Top Holiday Marketing Ideas for This Year

Host a Holiday-Themed Open House

This year’s open houses might look a little empty, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give each private showing a party of their own. Adorn your listings with holiday-themed decorations, cheerful lighting, and maybe even some seasonally-inspired baked goods to fill the home with comforting aromas.

Create an Ugly Christmas Sweater Photo Contest

Get a little kooky this Christmas, and change up the traditional festive contests with one that will make everyone laugh and feel thankful that ‘80s fashion is no longer in style. Ugly Christmas sweaters are the nostalgic gift that keeps on giving. Use a free form website, such as Typeform or Google Forms, to allow everyone to safely turn in their scorecards, then share the best of the worst sweaters across your social media channels.

Go Above and Beyond - Use VR For Virtual Home Tours

Given the curveballs that 2020 has thrown everyone’s way, you likely understand that some clients might not feel comfortable leaving their home. So, take the beauty and holiday-themed home to them! Virtual reality can be a great tool for real estate agents to use and one that clients will appreciate experiencing. This isn’t just for luxury properties: you too can easily utilize this tech tool to your advantage. If you’re a VR novice, never fear - learn how to use virtual reality easily with The CE Shop through our free ebook.

Start a Holiday Donation Station

There’s no better way to show your holiday spirit than by giving back to those who aren’t as fortunate. Ignite your giving spirit and spread it to others in your community through a donation station. Create a drop-off location where you can collect goods like coats, gloves, non-perishable foods, or gifts for underserved children. Organize your efforts alongside a local non-profit to boost awareness and amplify the impact within your community.

No matter what, how, or if you’re celebrating this holiday season, we here at The CE Shop hope you and your family stay safe and warm!

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