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Henderson, Nevada, Is This Year's Best City for Dogs
May 21, 2021

Henderson, Nevada, Is This Year's Best City for Dogs

by The CE Shop Team

Henderson, Nevada, Is Top Dog, Which Is Great News for Local Agents

Dogs are widely considered man’s best friend, and it’s no wonder why. We’ve been sitting, staying, and rolling over together for roughly 16,000 years, and, today, more than half of American households include dogs.

With such prevalent puppy love, it’s no wonder that dog owners across the country seek out the very best for their four-legged friends. This year, per an analysis by Forbes, Henderson, Nevada, leads the nation in pawsome features for dogs and their owners. Here’s what sets the city apart and how the prevalence of pups affects your real estate practice.

Henderson Is Going to the Dogs

Henderson, Nevada, is home to ~320,000 residents and their many content canines. This charming city sits just minutes from Las Vegas, so pet owners can always take advantage of the hundreds of world-class, pet-friendly hotels, and restaurants along the strip. Henderson itself also scores high in both safety and overall quality of life, two factors that make moving here all the more attractive for dog owners.


Doggone Good Weather

The state of Nevada boasts the third-most sun in the nation, ranking above Texas, California, and even Florida. Plus, the weather stays reasonable all year round, with average temperatures rarely dipping below freezing. So, a walk with Fido is sure to be a pleasure, no matter the season!

Dog-Friendly Digs

The average home value in Henderson is $386,182, which isn’t particularly affordable compared to the national average of $281,370, but sure beats the prices of other popular Nevada destinations for dog owners. For example, the average home in Reno, a city renowned for its outdoor recreation industry, costs $476,965. Meanwhile, the average home in Incline Village, a Tahoe-area town with plenty of dog-friendly trails, costs a whopping $1,189,643.

Fido-Approved Features

The city of Henderson truly prioritizes dog ownership with 19 local dog parks and a state-wide ban on dog breed discrimination. A total of 91% of rental units are pet-friendly, and many also offer unique amenities like designated play areas and grooming stations. The kicker may be Heritage Park’s Bark Park, an expansive pet playground complete with dog runs, trails, an agility course, drinking stations, a puppy splash pad, and benches shaped like dog bones. In fact, Henderson’s outdoor doggy delights have even caught the attention of Mars Petcare, which recognized and certified the city in its 2019 Better Cities for Pets Certification Program.

Pets and Real Estate

So, how does this puppy party apply to your real estate practice? As it turns out, there’s much more to pet-friendly real estate than just yapping. According to a recent survey, almost 95% of pet-owning homebuyers reported that they thought about their pets’ needs when choosing which home to buy. Pet-friendly amenities like dog parks can also increase home values. Particularly if you work in a market with very little green space, a clean and well-maintained dog park could be a major draw to potential buyers.

While you’re at it, take a peek at local groomers, trainers, and boarders. Knowing the neighborhood like the back of your paw can help steer clients to the right home and close the sale that much sooner. Plus, that 95% of pet-owning buyers are sure to wag their tails with appreciation at your pet-focused local market expertise.

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