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Haunted Places in Pennsylvania You Need to Visit on Halloween
October 12, 2020

Haunted Places in Pennsylvania You Need to Visit on Halloween

by The CE Shop Team

Do You Dare Visit These Haunted Grounds in Pennsylvania?

It’s no secret that Pennsylvania holds some haunted grounds. In fact, the Travel Channel ranked Pennsylvania as the sixth most haunted state in the country. Home to Gettysburg, arguably the most haunted spot on U.S. soil, this state is no stranger to paranormal activity and has its fair share of residents who have overstayed their welcome on this plane of existence.


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Gettysburg is the site of one of the most prolific battles in the Civil War, so there’s no shortage of ghost stories stemming from the violence and death witnessed here. One of the most haunted places in the town is called Devil’s Den. Aptly named, 2,500 soldiers were killed at this spot during the bloody battle. Also, since some of those bodies were never buried, you may stumble across human remains if you’re brave enough to explore. We don't recommend whipping out your phone to take pictures with your clients here as visitors have reported that their phones die without warning if they attempt to photograph the area. Apparently, some of the spirits lingering in the Devil's Den are camera shy.

Another popular haunt is the Gettysburg National Cemetery. The site of almost 4,000 Civil War graves, this cemetery is one of the most paranormally active sites in the entire city. After the battle, thousands of soldiers’ bodies laid decomposing across the farmlands of Gettysburg. Many soldiers had been buried where they fell on the battlefield, marked only by a wooden board. Rain and wind began uncovering remains across the city, and, fearing the spread of disease, the residents of Gettysburg called for a proper cemetery to be created. Reburial work began around four months later. The violent, terrible manner of so many men’s deaths combined with the long interim between death and a proper burial is thought to have made the cemetery a highly active paranormal location.

Eastern State Penitentiary

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This Philadelphia prison was built in 1829 and operated until the early 1970s. Eastern State Penitentiary was known for its strict rules and harsh treatment of inmates. Most of its 450 cells were used for solitary confinement. Those who were confined in the small, dark cells were often driven to insanity. More than 70,000 inmates were incarcerated here within the prison’s lifetime, and there were multiple allegations of inmates being tortured and abused. Aside from being locked in solitary for nearly 24 hours a day, guards would often dunk inmates in cold water during the wintertime and tie them to the walls. Those who visit the old prison may hear sounds of painful screams and even see the apparitions of prisoners who had spent their days in what could only be described as hell on Earth.

Specific cellblocks offer different ghostly encounters. Cellblock four features ghostly faces that peer out at unsuspecting passersby. Cellblock six is haunted by shadowy figures who jump from wall to wall. Cackling and echoing voices from the beyond emanate from cellblock twelve. If you haven’t lost your grit, don’t look at the guard towers or you may run home. The torturous guards linger there, ever-watching, even in death. The nearly 200-year-old National Historic Landmark offers daytime tours, or brave souls can sign up for night tours through the dark, abandoned cellblocks.

Coulterville Cemetery

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Cemeteries are synonymous with ghosts and paranormal activity. One famed graveyard in Pennsylvania is the Coulterville Cemetery in McKeesport. If you’re not afraid to visit a graveyard at night, muster up the courage to check out this one. You’ll likely hear the sounds of children laughing, playing, and having a good time outside. But sadly, behind this joyful playing is a tragic story.

In the 19th century, an orphanage occupied the grounds. The spirits of these seemingly happy children appeared after the orphanage burned to the ground, killing everyone inside. Some visitors have seen the shadowy figures of children running around and others have reported child-sized handprints appearing on their vehicles. Also, don’t scream if you see a child mysteriously manifest in your rearview mirror as you leave the cemetery.


This ghost town in Pennsylvania is one you’ll want to check out. As of 2017, Centralia's population is only five people. The town was home to several coal mines and, in 1962, one of the coal mines mysteriously caught fire. The original cause is yet to be known, but even after sixty years, the fire still burns. Because of toxic gases have mixed in with the smoke, residents had to permanently evacuate the area. At the time of evacuation, the population stood around 1,500. Most of the buildings have since been destroyed, and only a handful of people still remain in Centralia. As for the fire, experts believe it will burn for another 250 years (perhaps longer), earning the town the reputation of being a portal to Hell. If you or your clients are passing through here, you may want to observe the smoke from a safe distance. And if you decide to go poking around and meet a demon, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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