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Haunted Catfish Plantation Gives Soul Food a New Meaning
October 12, 2020

Haunted Catfish Plantation Gives Soul Food a New Meaning

by The CE Shop Team

Drop Into the Catfish Plantation for a Soulful and Spooky Experience

Located a short half-hour drive south of Dallas in the town of Waxahachie, the Catfish Plantation, one of the country’s most haunted restaurants, serves country-cookin’ classics along with beer, wine, spirits, and, well, spirits. In fact, it’s so well known for its great food and out-of-this-world guests that the hauntings have become part of the restaurant’s brand. The joint has been serving “soul and spirits” since 1984, so if you have a client who’s into the macabre, perhaps a scary good dinner is just what they need to get to know the neighborhood’s most talked-about residents.

Ghosts Abound Around the Catfish Plantation

Image provided by Haunted Journies

Much of the hauntings don’t necessarily have to do with the restaurant per se, but rather the building that houses the legendary Dallas haunt. The restaurant, a beautifully ornate Victorian house repurposed for restaurant duty, was constructed in 1895, lending itself to well over 120 years of human activity.

“To go along with being 120 years old, people were born in their homes and they also passed away in their homes,” front of house manager Amelia Landis-Sparks told

Mysterious occurrences supposedly include the ringing of a doorbell located on the side of the house that was once the main entrance. However, when someone goes to answer it, there’s nobody there. Another experience Landis-Sparks recounted occurred when she was doing a brief touchup of the women’s restroom. She removed the trash and wiped things down, but as she turned off the light and walked out of the room, both of the restroom's faucets turned on simultaneously.

Other accounts include the sighting of a male spirit dressed in overalls who creeps on the front porch before abruptly vanishing. Supposedly the man is Will Anderson, a farmer who passed away in the house sometime during the 1930s. Caroline Mooney, another former resident (now deceased) who lived in the house until the 1970s, is also said to make an appearance from time to time. Restaurant staff occasionally report items flying off shelves or levitating too.

Image provided by YouTube

By far the best spooky occurrence, however, unfolded after the property caught fire in 2003. To the best of our knowledge, no foul play was suspected by the living or the dead. At that time, owners Tom and Melissa Baker decided to rebuild so they hired contractors to restore the property. That’s when those working on the restoration began to report tools missing or being misplaced, and one worker who was installing a slab of glass noticed a message reading ‘don’t be scared’ written in the dust.

If your clients haven’t been spooked off, the median home price in Waxahachie is $243,339 and it’s expected to grow by 4.3% over the next year. Those seeking a “soulful” historic home similar to the one where the restaurant resides can expect to pay in the $400-500s. For those looking to just eat at the Catfish Plantation and get a feel for the place, we highly recommend making a reservation. After all, the Catfish Plantation is so popular that some of its guests never leave.

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