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Gobble On, Thunder Chickens: Turkey Conservation in Michigan
November 16, 2020

Gobble On, Thunder Chickens: Turkey Conservation in Michigan

by The CE Shop Team

Discover How Michigan’s Pure Outdoors Is Perfect for Hunters and Turkeys

Michigan is truly hunter-friendly country and proud of it. With close to 700,000 Michiganders purchasing licenses and taking to the great outdoors. The Wolverine state boasts a ~30% success rate, which is something to be proud of considering some states offer a mere 12% success rate.

Michigan’s “turkey take” has been steady and very consistent over the past years, leading to success in the state’s wildlife management efforts. Over 200,000 thunder chickens are estimated to call Michigan home, giving hunters plenty of hope that they’ll fill their tag and avoid eating tag soup.

For those who are curious about hunting and are interested in getting started, turkeys are often regarded as the best species to start with. While some can appreciate the bold, bright colors of turkeys, others don’t look at a turkey and necessarily think, “Wow, what a gorgeous bird.” Cutting your teeth on turkey is much easier for most to process than other game such as whitetail deer.

This Land Is My Land, This Land Is Your Land

There is a plethora of public land in Michigan with much of it located in the northern stretches of the state where humans are scattered, but game is plentiful. Michiganders have the pleasure of enjoying 7.4 million acres of pristine midwest forests open to the public for hunting. The majority of this acreage is located in the peninsula portion of the state. The Lower Peninsula was once home to almost all of Michigan’s turkey population. In recent years, the southern half of the state has seen a boom in its turkey population, helping to spread the bird out throughout the state and create more accessibility for hunters. The UP has seen a growth in the population of turkeys and also has very low hunting pressure, creating the perfect environment for hunters of all skill levels.

Michigan hunters continually rate their satisfaction as high, especially after 2019’s spring turkey season success, with over 30,000 birds harvested. Michigan is also ranked 4th in the nation for turkey harvest, according to the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF). Boasting numbers like these, there's no question why Michigan is a sought-after state for hunting turkey and other prey species.

Thanks to organizations like the NWTF, turkey habitats and population have continued to grow. Now the NWTF is focused on new, bold goals like opening hunting access to over 10,000 acres of additional public land within the next decade.

Michigan Properties to Scout

If you’re looking for a new hunting camp spot, there are plenty of properties that would fit you or your client’s budget and goals. Set your sights on properties like these, and we know you won't be disappointed:

4 Bed, 4 Bath in Gulliver, MI

More of a compound than a hunting camp, this log-cabin-inspired home is right on the water and provides amazing views of Lake Michigan. The ultimate cross between rustic and luxury, this is a great property for relaxing after a long day in the woods.

2 Bed, 1 Bath in Manistique, MI

Right in the heart of Hiawatha National Forest lays the only home allowed on Byers Lake in the Big Island Lake Wilderness area. Byers Lake is 172 acres and sports 2.5 miles of shoreline. The property features a cozy home and spacious garage. The home has been completely renovated, so you won’t be roughing it out here.

1 Bed, Outdoor Bath in Trout Creek, MI

This property from the logging era is a historic cabin on a private lake. Located in the Interior Township of Ontonagon County, this cabin is tucked way back in the trees. Having been established in the 1880s, this refuge is the most rustic on the list, giving hunters the true outdoors experience.

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