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Get to Know Charleston Through a Ghost Tour
October 12, 2020

Get to Know Charleston Through a Ghost Tour

by The CE Shop Team

Make No Mistake: Charleston Is Haunted

Founded in 1670 by British colonists, Charleston is among the nation’s oldest and most storied cities. In its 350-plus year history, the area has hosted its fair share of pirates, criminals, aristocrats, soldiers, and indentured servants. It has also seen the likes of multiple wars, crippling disease, and served as a major hub for the slave trade, so it comes as no surprise that this charming southern city is among the nation’s most haunted.

For real estate professionals listing historic Charleston estates, it’s more than just an old property you’re selling; you’re selling a slice of history. Not familiar with the stories of old Charleston? What better way to get a unique perspective on the area’s history and explore the city than with one of Charleston’s many ghost tours?

Popular Ghost Tour Stops in Charleston

1. Poogan’s Porch

Image provided by Poogan's Courtyard

Housed in an old Victorian townhouse and serving up delicious southern classics like fried green tomatoes and country fried chicken, Poogan’s Porch is the quintessential Charleston dining experience. While their food might be out of this world, so too is one of the restaurant’s most frequent visitors: the spirit of Zoe St. Amand. St. Amand, an old school teacher and late resident of the townhouse, has been spotted hanging out on the front porch. She has also been known to show herself in the mirror of the women’s restroom, possibly to pick some shrimp and grits from her teeth.

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2. The Unitarian Graveyard


The old Unitarian Graveyard is likely the image that comes to mind when you think of a spooky graveyard. Construction began on the church in 1772, well before the Declaration of Independence was signed, and it remains the oldest Unitarian church in the American South. Needless to say, it’s well-weathered, with many reporting ghosts lurking in the shadows. Rumor has it that the graveyard is also home to the ghost of Annabel Lee, a Charleston woman who’s said to be the subject of “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allen Poe.

Those who want to move into that neighborhood might enjoy this 3 bed, 4 bath house nearby.

3. The Old City Jail

Image provided by Explore Charleston

The Old City Jail is among the city’s most haunted spots, putting it in the running for one of the most haunted places in the country. A must-stop on every ghost tour, the Old City Jail was the site of countless executions and held many of the city’s worst criminals. Among the prison’s roster was Lavinia Fisher, who is often regarded as America’s first female mass murderer. Fisher was hung on February 18, 1820, in front of the Old City Jail, and her ghost is supposedly one of many who still haunt the joint.

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Sure, Halloween is right around the corner. But in Charleston, ghost tours are a year-round affair perfect for agents, residents, visitors, and prospective clients with occult curiosities. For a more in-depth look at Charleston’s past and the stories that make it what it is today, we highly recommend booking a tour with a local agency.

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