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Flip or Flop: House Hunting for Altamaha-ha
October 21, 2021

Flip or Flop: House Hunting for Altamaha-ha

by The CE Shop Team

Can You Help Us Find a Home for Altie?

The mysterious Altamaha-ha (or Altie, if you’re on a first-name basis) is a river or sea monster that some say lives in the beautiful and mysterious estuaries of the Altamaha River. The area is known for its vast marshes, multiple river channels, and abandoned, centuries-old rice fields and canals.

It seems fitting that this water monster is said to live in Darien, a town founded by Scottish Highlanders who immigrated to the New World from the shores of the Loch Ness in Scotland. But Altie is no new-age phenomenon. The myths surrounding this serpentine creature stem back to the native tribes, who regularly discussed the scaly sea monster living in the river.


Altie the River Monster

As the story goes, Altie is a 70-foot-long water creature with flippers similar to a seal. It’s often depicted as a sea serpent, though the exact nature of the Altamaha-ha is as mysterious as the waters in which it lives. 

The first reported sighting of Altie sprung from Captain Delano of the Schooner Eagle. He described the beast in an article in 1830, claiming that it had a long body and its circumference was about that of a sugar hogshead (a 63-gallon barrel). Though sightings were largely written off as whales at the time, the monster made a splash on the national scene in 1981. 

A former newspaper publisher named Larry Gwin reportedly saw the creature while fishing with his friend, Steven Wilson. Gwin later wrote that it "dove in a big swirl of water and was not seen again, but boiled up a swell that was like a wake of a racing boat." 

No physical evidence of the Altamaha-ha has ever been found, though there have been numerous hoax photos and stories rising from the depths of the wetlands. Non-believers say it is nothing but floating logs or large masses of vegetation. We say to leave no lead unturned… so let’s find a house for this beast.

Homes for Altamaha-ha

Altie is described as a snake-like river monster, hailing from mystic tales of frightened fishermen and commercial captains. We like to think of Altie as a shy but swanky serpentine Georgian that is a Gullah connoisseur. Altie enjoys sunsets on the water and entertaining guests with fresh seafood dinners caught that day. Though the median home price in Georgia is $369,000, we’re confident this client has enough clams laying around to make a property purchase. So, what kind of properties best suit a water monster?

Jesup, GA - $299,000

Beautiful Home in Jesup, Georgia

While Altie has no need for modern luxuries, that doesn’t mean its guests wouldn't enjoy them. This paradise palace in a gated riverfront community provides privacy and bliss for our shy serpentine friend. The home also offers direct access to the water as well as a boat ramp so Altie’s friends can ride along for a sunset cruise.

Jesup, GA - $999,900

Penholloway Home in Jesup, Georgia

Nestled on a tributary of the Altamaha River is a 60-acre lot perfect for Altie. The slow-flowing waters will soothe its spirits after a long day of cruising the larger river basins. Here, our water-faring friend can truly escape and live in tranquility amongst Georgia’s natural beauty. The property even comes with a wooden shack and garage for Altie’s memorabilia and mementos of river run-ins with settlers, captains, and locals of the area today.

Dublin, GA - $1,375,000

Property in Rock Springs Estate Dublin, Georgia

Located on the Oconee River, which feeds into the Altamaha River, is a beautiful 62-acre lot in the Rock Springs Estate. This riverfront property is located in a quiet, rural subdivision, granting our aquatic Altie the chance to enjoy quiet living with waterfront views. The gated community even comes with a boat launch so that Altie’s friends can tag along for river cruise adventures.

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