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Mentors can help grow your real estate career exponentially.
February 21, 2019

Finding the Right Mentor

by The CE Shop Team

A Real Estate Mentor Can Take Your Career to the Next Level

After completing your Pre-Licensing coursework, the next step toward starting your new career in real estate is to choose a real estate broker to work with. This broker will further train you on the business, and they'll be available to answer your every question as you make your way in real estate. Sitting down with several brokerages is key to finding the right broker to work with, and you should be taking everything into account, from commission splits to overall brokerage culture.

Beyond just finding a broker to work with, it's important to treat your search for what it really is: your search for a career mentor. You'll undoubtedly pick up your broker's habits, so their reputation is an important consideration. Though mentors are common in most industries, it's rare that the mentor relationship is a requirement as it is in real estate. 

We pulled some quotes from guests on our podcast that address the importance of having a solid real estate mentor. No matter what stage of your career you're in, a mentor can help take you to the next level.

From Episode 3: Joe Sinnona

Joe Sinnona's been a Long Island real estate agent for over 30 years. From humble beginnings selling apartments with showers so small you'd have to hunch over to bathe, he's learned the ins and outs of the business and now speaks across the country on topics such as Ethics and Agent Safety. He's a big proponent of relying on mentors as you grow your business, and he's mentored a fair number of agents himself.

JON: When you're counseling new real estate agents, what kinds of habits do you recommend that they form early on?

JOE: Do your work with the highest level of integrity. Always. Again, I was trained by one of the best realtors, a mentor in the very beginning, and that is - also grab a mentor in the very beginning and listen to motivational speaking. On the subject of integrity, he taught me that, you know, if you're going to say something at 10, don't change your script at 1. Always work with that high level of integrity and you can't go wrong. The habits that you put on are like skins and if you put on the ugly skins, eventually you'll get to the core of you and you will be ugly. Ugly doesn't work in this business, and your reputation will follow that way.

JON: What's one thing you would have done differently?

JOE: I would definitely have grasped the concept of the technology a lot quicker. I definitely would have gone to more seminars. I definitely would have picked more mentors in my life and I would have definitely have listened to more motivational music and speakers and things that could have built my business and catapulted it faster than when I first started. The first six months I had no, I had a little bit of direction, but I had no direction to build this business that I have now and that's probably something I would've done differently.

From Episode 5: Eden Elder

Eden Elder is Dutch and spent many years in the HR departments of large corporations before coming to real estate. She found out firsthand that a great mentor doesn't just lead by example, but is willing to dig deep and course correct along the way. In Eden's case, she was able to turn her bluntness into an asset that's appreciated by her clients.

EDEN: Given that I'm Dutch, I think my background and people notice about the Dutch, we are very, we're direct and we don't dance very well. We just give it to you straight. And I found that I've had to soften that up a little bit. That was slapped out of me very early on and I was told by a very wonderful mentor that if I wanted to make it in corporate America, I had to learn to dance a little bit. So I slowly learned to dance, but I realized that people really like and appreciate that honesty as brutal as sometimes it is, right? Because you may not like the answer, when you ask a question but I'll give it to you straight, but I do it because I care, I don't want you to buy a house with blindfolds on, I want to make sure you go in well prepared and that's where I come in. But some people can handle it and some can't. But I always do it with a smile on my face and hopefully with, you know, as genuine heart as you know, as you can recognize in me.

From Episode 11: Adrienne Meisels

Coming from a technology background, Adrienne Meisels has never worked in real estate. She instead created an app that aims to simplify life for agents. Mentors can come from anywhere, though, and even after working on the Innovation Team at AOL, Adrienne found that her path in life wasn't quite so clear cut. Learning from those who have been where you want to be is essential - just as it's essential to mentor those who aren't as far along in their career.

JON: My last question is one I ask every guest - if you could go back to the beginning of your career, what is one thing you would have done differently?

ADRIENNE: I think, you know, the one thing that I would have done differently is I didn't develop, I have lots of wonderful connections with people that I've worked with, but I didn't develop a strong mentor. And I think if I were to go back, that's something that I would do. Like I always had people who were in positions that were higher than me, you know, who I would talk to, but I didn't develop mentors. I think consciously developed mentors are essential, and I now mentor young people, people right out of college, people right out of law school, and people in high school, high school kids, and I love it. And I think that that's something that's really important whether it's a coach or a mentor, but somebody who's been there and done it before so that you can learn from their wisdom and you can exponentially accelerate what you're doing by not repeating, let's say, the lessons that they learned. Right? So you learn from their lessons and then you can jump exponentially into the next levels of your career.

You can listen to these and all other episode of our podcast here.


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