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Finding “Normal” Post-COVID-19: Tips for Real Estate Agents
July 6, 2021

Finding “Normal” Post-COVID-19: Tips for Real Estate Agents

by The CE Shop Team

With Most Pandemic Restrictions Lifted, What Will Our New Normal Look Like?

Real estate is an incredibly social industry. After all, a large part of the job involves talking to people and building trust as you help them find their perfect home.

But all of that changed in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay home, stagnating some industries while sending others virtual. Across the country, real estate professionals scrambled to understand ever-changing local, state, and federal regulations, and many began to adapt how they do business, focusing on the digital realm.

More than a year later, the pandemic might not be over, but most restrictions have been lifted. People are back to dining in restaurants and working out of offices. More than 150 million Americans are fully vaccinated as of writing, alleviating some of the risk. 

But if you feel rusty in social situations, or even a bit nervous about getting back to normal, you’re not alone.

Moving Past “Chronic Stress Mode”

First, it’s important to recognize that nearly every facet of our lives has been disrupted in the time since COVID-19 hit the United States. For some, that might even translate to a sense of trauma that’s hard to shake.

And just like we all had to adjust to the “normal” of life during the pandemic, as we transition to a post-COVID life, we’ll have to adjust yet again.

"A lot of us have been locked into almost like chronic stress mode," Craig Sawchuk, a psychologist at the Mayo Clinic, told Insider.

Even after a threat like COVID-19 goes away, it can take time for our bodies and minds to readjust, Sawchuk said.

There will likely be “long-term mental health consequences,” said Soo Jeong Youn, a clinical psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and an assistant professor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

But for most people, anxieties about re-entering the world will fade with time, Youn said.

“The beginning stage of constructing a 'new normal' is a period of transition,” he said. “As we're building that new normal, there might be some worries and anxiety, but they dissipate as we get used to it all.”

Youn encouraged people going through this transition to pay attention to how they’re feeling — and to get help if needed.

“If a person notices that after a month or so there is no change whatsoever in how they are feeling, and they are experiencing very heightened levels of anxiety that is impacting their day-to-day functioning, their mood, or their family, then they may want to consider talking to a mental health professional, especially if it is affecting multiple areas in their life,” he said.

Tips for Returning to Normal

Many real estate professionals excel because of their strong interpersonal and networking skills. But it’s been a while since many of us have gathered in large groups or jumped from one in-person meeting to the next like we did before the pandemic. As you re-enter the world, it’s understandable if things feel a bit awkward.

For some people, a sense of excitement about returning to normal might be coupled with anxieties about interacting with people again — and that’s okay. Maybe staying home during the pandemic indulged your introverted side or showed you that you do like working from home.

But in real estate, working from home isn’t always possible. So how can you cope?

It might help to ease yourself in slowly, making incremental changes to your routine.

“Practice saying ‘no’ because we need to pace ourselves,” Andrea Bonior, a licensed clinical psychologist, told SELF. “Otherwise, you might exhaust yourself and find yourself disappointed thinking, ‘What’s wrong with me? How come I didn’t feel great going out?’”

You should also work on clearly communicating your boundaries — and respecting the boundaries of others, whatever they might be.

And finally, focus on what’s in your control. Anxiety could stem from a sense of uncertainty, which is natural, given what we’ve all been through over the past year and a half.

It might help to write a list of factors that you have control over, such as getting your vaccine, social distancing, holding gatherings outside, and wearing masks, SELF reported.

And if all of this feels overwhelming, you can even make de-stressing a part of your brand. (For example, let’s say you want to alleviate stress by learning to knit. Instead of just knitting by yourself, try and create content or marketing around this activity, such as online knitting clubs, how-to tutorial videos, or anything else that engages followers.)


That could mean tracking your fitness progress, walking the golf course with a client or coworker, or starting a gaming group — and of course, documenting it all for social media, which could bring you leads and help you connect with your clients.

However you’re feeling about returning to a post-pandemic normal, remember that you made it through all of the uncertain times since the pandemic began. You are resilient, and you’ve got this!

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