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Find a Home for Cadborosaurus, Washington’s Coastal Cruiser
October 11, 2021

Find a Home for Cadborosaurus, Washington’s Coastal Cruiser

by The CE Shop Team

Caddy Is in Need of a Coastal Retreat — Can You Help?

The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to folklore and unexplained phenomena. The foggy forests and jagged mountain peaks create an eerie landscape ripe for tall tales of monsters. While the myths that surround Washington are typically focused on Bigfoot, there’s a lesser-known creature that inhabits the state’s coast known as Cadborosaurus.


The Chronicles of Cadborosaurus

Nicknamed Caddy, the slithery creature is a 20-foot mega-serpent wading around the northern part of the West Coast. Its head mirrors that of a horse, and its body is reminiscent of an overstuffed eel... if eels had long rows of ridges protruding from their spines. The webbed flippers located below the Cadborosaurus’ neck and at the base of its tail allow him to glide through the dark, murky waters.


Caddy has made several appearances in Cadboro Bay, British Columbia, which led to its name. Our serpent seagoer is part of a rich folklore history in the Pacific Northwest; in fact, Inuit tribes even decorated their canoes with the creature's image to stave it off — and for good reason. In the last 200 years alone, there have been more than 300 eyewitness accounts from those with keen eyes looking out into the water.

The most significant evidence came recently in 2009 when an Alaskan fisherman caught Caddy on video:

Coastal Homes for Caddy

Caddy isn’t your typical slithery serpentine creature; it enjoys exploring the cool coastal waters with its friends and basking in the sunset over the ocean along Olympic National Park’s stunning shores. 

While the average price for a home in Washington is $542,012, Caddy has been around for centuries and has more than a few shillings saved up from shipwrecks along the coast to purchase property. Let’s find this slippery client a spot to call home!

Pacific Beach, WA - $1,290,000

Pacific Beach Property

This beautiful coastal retreat set on a high bluff overlooking the ocean is perfect for Caddy. With 0.87 acres and plenty of old-growth trees, even the slipperiest of sea serpents would love this lot. It provides ample space and privacy, and Caddy could use the accompanying private beach to rest and rejuvenate after a long day of patrolling the coast. 

Oak Harbor, WA - $1,595,000

Oak Harbor Oceanfront Property

This 1.26-acre gem in Oak Harbor set on the shore is an ideal property for Caddy to create a community of like-minded mythical creatures. Complete with 200 feet of oceanfront, Caddy and his pals can enjoy breathtaking oceanic sunsets that touch the peaks of the Olympic Mountains and the San Juan Islands every night. You probably thought a sea creature shrouded in mystery wouldn’t have friends to host, but you don’t know Caddy like we do. Cad, as it’s known by friends, loves entertaining guests — provided they enjoy seafood from the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Port Angeles, WA - $1,850,000

Port Angeles Property

This traditional 6,639-sq.-ft., two-story home perched on a cliff overlooking the sea is the perfect place for Caddy to host friends and family. The massive 8 bed, 8 bath abode comes complete with a charming 2 bed, 2 bath guest house, meaning there's plenty of space for Caddy to stretch out here. The garden paths and manicured lawn may even encourage our slithering friend to stay landside for a while!

Could you see Caddy living it up at one of these properties? Let us know in the comments down below! In the meantime, we’ll be on the hunt for the perfect closing gift...

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