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Your client’s next vacation home shouldn’t break the bank. Here’s how to find their second place of refuge without burning a hole in their pocket.
August 2, 2019

Fabulously Inexpensive Vacation Homes and How to Find Them

by The CE Shop Team

Hunting for Your Client's Next Vacation Home Shouldn't be a Struggle...Even if it's on a Budget.

Finding your client’s second vacation home is as easy as finding a pin in a haystack while simultaneously receiving root canal surgery by a one-eyed Tortugan pirate named Lars who doesn’t believe in novocaine injections (“Arggh, more rum t' soothe th' pain”). Essentially, it’s impossibly hard and tremendously painful. What’s worse is finding a getaway spot on a budget. 

While this arduous task seems, well, arduous, options do exist. We break down how and where to find these homes so you don’t lose your eyes or teeth in the process. 

Step 1: Assess Budget

Before you start any vacation home searches for clients, you need to understand their disposable income. The best thing to do is to find out the maximum and minimum they are willing to spend. Once you have this established range, you can aggressively attack the search with more precision and certainty knowing their purchasing capabilities. 

Steps 2: What Are They Looking For

Do they want a beach house or a lodge on the slopes? Are they okay with saving a few bucks and staring into a McDonald’s drive-thru window five minutes from the beach, or do they want to shell out more clams and upgrade their view? 

These needs may be broad or highly specific. Obviously, as specificity increases, so too will the costs. What we suggest is to ask them what their top 4-5 needs or wants would be, listing the first choice as their “utmost need” while their fifth choice is something "they want, but can live without". This will help you know their “Maslowian Needs”, at least when it comes to their vacation home.

Step 3: Research and Discovery

This is the most difficult part and may require instituting a referral program with other agents in states where you are not licensed*. Regardless of locale, ample research is necessary to find your client’s second home. Here is a list of cities to help get you started.

  • Coos Bay, Oregon
  • Gulf Shores, Alabama
  • Stuart, Florida
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Port St. Lucie, Florida
  • Brian Head, UT
  • Kellogg, Idaho
  • Corpus Christi, Texas
  • Jackson, Georgia
  • Palm Bay, Florida
  • Valley, Arizona
  • Mount Jackson, VA
  • Ocean City, Maryland
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • Medford, Oregon
  • Iron River, Michigan
  • Sun City, Arizona
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Delray Beach, Florida
  • Hobe Sound, Florida
  • Mansfield, Ohio
  • Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
  • LaPorte, Texas
  • Malone, NY

If you continually have clients wanting to move to these areas, we suggest getting licensed in these areas. Many of these states have reciprocity, making it easy to become multi-state licensees.

*Not every state allows for this transaction. Please check with your state’s real estate commission for more information regarding legality.

Step 4: Present with Transparency

When you present options to your clients, make sure to be as straightforward as possible. There’s a good chance they think their money will go further than it actually will. Remember to refer back to the rankings made in Step 2. This gives validity and creates a proper perspective when presenting potential vacation homes. But more importantly, you don’t want to leave out details and have them complain or fire you after seeing or purchasing the home.

If you follow these rules while instituting other constructs appropriate to your brokerage, you’ll engage your clients, while making your hunt for their next vacation home as stress-free as possible. Good luck with the search, and try not to lose an eye or your teeth in the quest to find your clients’ next vacation abode. 

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