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Drool-Worthy Houston Dog Parks Worth Living Near
May 17, 2021

Drool-Worthy Houston Dog Parks Worth Living Near

by The CE Shop Team

Houston Is a Pooch Paradise

Houston and dogs go together like kibbles and bits. As one of the country’s most affordable large cities (sporting an average home price of $213,375 as of 5/13/21), dog owners with thoughtful real estate agents can find the perfect property to fit their pooch’s needs — or better yet, live right next to one of H-town’s most drool-worthy bark parks. In fact, one Trulia blog writes that neighborhoods with clean, friendly dog parks are a huge draw for dog-loving homebuyers.

Johnny Steele Dog Park

Johnny Steele might sound like the stage name for a jazz musician, but in Houston — it’s the name of the Fourth Ward/Buffalo Bayou doggie oasis “Johnny Steele Dog Park”. Here, dogs and their owners have access to a pond, shade, a dog washing area, benches, and drinking fountains complete with spigots for pooches.

For those looking to live a short distance from the park, this 3 bed, 3 bath gated community stunner listed for $724k is perfect. Plus, it comes with gated access to Spotts Park and a 180-bottle wine fridge for those days when you need to cool off after a nice walk with a glass of Chardonnay.

Gene Green Dog Park


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The Gene Green Dog Park is a little further outside of town, which means it offers the pleasantries of most dog parks but with a little bit of the woods mixed in. Since a dog’s sense of smell is so acute (compared to a human’s ability to see, a dog’s sniffer offers the equivalent of being able to see 3,000 miles), that the wooded areas offer a whole new dimension of fun for our four-legged friends through a bunch of exciting smells.

Should your client want to live close to Gene Green, this 3 bed, 2 bath home nearby is listed at an affordable $236k. What’s more, this property is also close to the shopping and dining at Generation Park — one of Houston’s largest mixed-use developments.

Danny Jackson Family Bark Park


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Located on the west side of town, this bark park is 2.76 acres of dog-run fun. The real draw, however, is the dog-friendly swimming pools. With a large pool and a smaller pool, pooches of all sizes can get their swim on and beat the summer heat.

Apartments close to dog parks are definitely a perk for pet owners. This 1 bed, 1 bath condo listed for $110k might just perfect for the dog-owning apartment dweller. The hardwood floors also make cleaning up accidents all that much easier, so they can go ahead and get that puppy.

Westwillow Dog Park


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With separate areas for children, large dogs, and small dogs, visitors to Westwillow can bring the whole family for a little exercise. As one Google reviewer put it, “Lovely and clean dog park. Never overcrowded. [It’s a] great park to bring the dogs and also the kids.” The dog park also features some agility obstacles, like a tunnel and a-frame, for added fun.

Westwillow Park is quite the asset. Should your client want to live nearby, perhaps this 3 bed, 2 bath home listed for $299k is just what they need. Its backyard lends itself well to morning zoomies and recent renovations make it move-in ready. Wagging your tail yet?

Real Estate and Pets

dogs playing

Think real estate has gone to the dogs? You’d be right. According to a recent survey, almost 95% of pet-owning homebuyers reported that they thought about their pets’ needs when choosing which home to buy.

The survey also found that 38% of respondents cited a “big yard” as a property’s most important feature, followed by “outdoor spaces” at 29%, “garages” at 24%, “dog-friendly areas” at 22%, and last but not least — “interior square footage” at 20%. Not surprisingly, these are all attributes easily found in Houston.

“We believe that a home is so much more than a roof and four walls. It is where family and friends come together and memories are made,” Nate Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer for, said. “The results of this survey reinforce that our pets are our family and an important part of what makes a house a home.”

Considering that 44% of all Texan households own a dog, it could be helpful to do a quick search for dog-friendly parks and restaurants near your properties using the pet-specific search engine to boost your pet-friendliness as an agent.

And if you’re passionate about animals, you’re not alone. According to the National Association of REALTORS® study ”Animal House: Pets in the Home Buying and Selling Process”, 81% of the agents surveyed said they consider themselves to be animal lovers. Furthermore, 14% said they actively volunteer with animal-focused organizations, and 24% said they would in the future. Volunteering could be a great way to help differentiate your brand — not to mention help make a difference for some animals and their owners.

If you would like to sniff around for some volunteer opportunities in Houston, visit to find one near you.

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