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Do You Have the Guts to Stay at the Lord Baltimore Hotel?
October 12, 2020

Do You Have the Guts to Stay at the Lord Baltimore Hotel?

by The CE Shop Team

Visit the Historic Lord Baltimore Hotel for Its Beauty and Horror

If the general chaos of 2020 hasn’t scared you enough and you’re a true thrillseeker, muster up the courage to stay the night at the Lord Baltimore Hotel. With reports of paranormal activity and ghost sightings stacking up throughout the years, even the hotel itself isn’t afraid to admit that it hosts ghostly residents. General manager Gene Addis holds a healthy respect for all his guests, even those who have lingered on after death.

Discussing the hotel with a local news station, Addis said, “I have the haunters...I have people who say someone is in my room. ‘Can you check the lock? There was a woman standing in my room.’” When asked how his staff feels about the hauntings, Addis said, “We live with it. I have housekeepers who will not go in the guest rooms. I have two that quit because they were so tired of being chased [by ghosts]…” If you haven’t run away yet, let’s delve into the history of this beautiful hotel to understand why guests are dying to stay here.

History of the Lord Baltimore Hotel

The Lord Baltimore Hotel was designed by William Lee Stoddard, and it officially opened on 12/30/1928. At the time of its construction, the Lord Baltimore was the largest hotel in the state of Maryland. It’s made with brick veneer over a steel frame, which was a growing architectural trend during that time. Standing at 289 feet with 22 stories, the Lord Baltimore Hotel wowed city dwellers upon its opening, ushering in newfound energy. It was described in an early brochure as “the hotel of Baltimore. In a city famous for its appreciation of the fine things of life, it expresses the spirit of Baltimore charm and graciousness in a way that delights the traveler of taste. As modern as television, it includes every refinement of the sumptuous hotel. Truly, one of the America’s finest hostelries.”

Image provided by Baltimore Magazine

Grandiose Baltimore Design for Guests

The Lord Baltimore Hotel has a two-story lobby that features stately brass accents, grand columns, and elegant furnishings that adorn the space. The spacious lobby allows guests to relax with a coffee and a beautiful view. The Calvert Ballroom is a favorite venue for various events, including weddings and other special celebrations.

The hotel has 439 guest rooms and suites designed with the guest’s comfort in mind. Rooms have been renovated over the years and tragedies. The hotel is known for its culinary dining options, whether you prefer a fine dining experience or a more casual affair with a relaxing atmosphere. Though the Lord Baltimore was an architectural wonder, it developed a dark presence during the Great Depression.

Watch Out for These Ghosts in the Lord Baltimore Hotel

The Great Depression turned deadly as desperation set across the American people, and guests at the Lord Baltimore Hotel were no exception. Given the unprecedented height of the building at that time, it became an unfortunate spot for “jumpers” who would leap from the 19th-floor rooftop deck to their death. There are at least 20 documented reports of suicides marring the beautiful hotel’s history, and it's believed that these souls reside within the hotel to this day. If you’re still eager to explore, be sure to keep your wits about you when you enter the elevator. According to guests and hotel staff, the elevator will randomly visit the 19th floor without being called to it. With the painful, tragic history imprinted on the rooftop deck, it’s no surprise that the 19th floor is considered to be the most haunted spot in the entire hotel. It’s so supernatural, in fact, that the hotel’s most well-known ghouls are known to appear there.

Image provided by Finish First

Two famed ghosts who have been sighted numerous times are a married couple who stayed in the Lord Baltimore in 1929. They reportedly leapt to their death after the stock market crash, leaving behind a daughter. Their daughter is also rumored to be walking the halls today, still looking for her parents. Ghostly Molly wanders up and down the halls of the 19th floor, bouncing a red ball and leaving ghostly handprints that can’t be erased. When you see that little girl in a long, cream-colored dress and black shoes, you may get chased away... if you’re lucky.

To this day, the hotel appreciates its paranormal reputation, even opening their doors to a worldwide ghost hunt last year. Addis says current guests don’t need to be terrified of their ghostly counterparts: “Think of [the ghosts] as amenities.” So, if you’re feeling brave this Halloween, why don’t you make a reservation at the Lord Baltimore Hotel? For a truly terrifying time, make it a night on the 19th floor!

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