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Looking to relocate a young family or couple in the D.C. Metro Area? Check out Fredericksburg, VA.
November 14, 2019

D.C. Real Estate Agents: Discover Affordable Housing in Fredericksburg

by The CE Shop Team

Discover Why Fredericksburg, VA is the Place to Be in the D.C. Metro Area

If you’re a real estate agent or prospective agent in the D.C. metro area, you know one thing: the real estate market is red hot. The addition of Amazon HQ2 to nearby Arlington has only further pushed the arrow up. With skyrocketing housing prices, it can be difficult for agents to place young families and single adults in an affordable living situation. You may have to do some “outside the box” thinking. This is where a place like Fredericksburg comes in. 

Known as The Fred, Fredericksburg is a small town of under 30,000 less than 55 miles south of downtown D.C. The reason why young D.C. workers are moving to this town centers around a balanced mix of affordability, convenience, and uncrowded suburbia. 

Take for example Arlington, VA. The area has a home value index of $689,800. Meanwhile, Fredericksburg’s home index is hovering at around $281,000. Rent trends also follow suit, but it’s not just affordability that makes Fredericksburg so enticing. The monthly downtown activities and events make it just as fun at a fraction of the cost. Throw in the beautiful scenic hiking scene, beach views, fantastic shopping, and all the other recreational activities you need like award-winning golf, you have everything you need to live a cozy, suburban-style life without the hassle.

Worried about transportation? The best part of all is that getting to and from D.C. is easier than ever thanks to the VRE rail system. The hour-long commute is a direct route and makes similar rail systems, like in New Jersey and New York, look pedestrian.

For any agent looking to place families in an affordable area near Metro D.C., look no further than Fredericksburg, Virginia. It has everything your clients need.

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