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Ever wonder what the average life of a successful real estate agent looks like?
May 23, 2019

A Day in the Life of a Successful Real Estate Agent

by The CE Shop Team

We Combined Anecdotal Stories from Several Successful Real Estate Agents to Describe What it’s Like to Live the Agent Life.

Read along as we follow hypothetical single father Joseph Harbinger throughout his busy schedule as a real estate agent in South Florida.

6:00 AM - Palm Beach, FL, Joe’s Home

Joe wakes up, and browses the web in bed for a few minutes on his phone. Inman News, Forbes, CNN, The Hustle. He then checks in on his social media page to see if he has any new messages, followed by his email that’s full of spam with the occasional potential lead. He files away the leads and sets an alarm on his email to check later.

6:40 AM - Palm Beach, FL, Joe’s Home

After the sun has risen, Joe goes on his 4-mile jog, and then tops off his accomplishment with a hearty breakfast featuring eggs, toast, and cantaloupe. His kids––Tony and Sara––are up and ready. He showers, dresses to impress, and rushes out the door to drop off the kids at school.

8:15 AM - West Palm Beach, FL, Clematis Street

Joe arrives at his office and checks in with his secretary. Eight missed calls, and three voicemails. Before calling these clients back, he sits down with his secretary and discusses the day’s objectives.

9:00 AM - West Palm Beach, FL, Clematis Street

Time to get in the zone. Joe begins calling all prospects and leads he developed over the past month. Some are cold calls. Some are warm. In the end, he’s looking for at least two opportunities he can run with over the next week. He then goes on his social media channels and engages with potential new leads, followed by writing 5 handwritten letters to people within his sphere of influence.

10:15 AM - West Palm Beach, FL, Clematis Street

Snack time. Joe chomps on a Honeycrisp apple with some carrots. He then gets a text from his daughter saying she isn’t feeling well and needs to be picked up. Rather quickly, Joe gathers all the rest of his materials he will need for the day and heads to the school.

11:45 AM - Highway I-95

After dropping off his daughter at home, Joe drives down south to his first meeting with a Mrs. Silverman. She’s trying to sell her Highland Beach condo and heard about Joe via word-of-mouth. Joe quickly preps before arriving at the restaurant.

12:20 PM - Boca Raton, FL, J. Alexander’s Restaurant

Joe takes Mrs. Silverman out to a reasonably-priced restaurant. There they discuss the reasons why she wants to sell and what she is looking for sale-wise. Her artist husband recently died, and she needs money for retirement. Joe now feels a sense of purpose and responsibility with this potentially grandiose sale. They finish eating and Joe pays the bill. After they eat, Mrs. Silverman tentatively agrees to work with Joe. Excited, Joe immediately calls up his secretary and confirms a follow-up call and initial showing for later this week.

1:00 PM - Highway I-95

Joe gets back on the highway and drives north towards Riviera Beach. His next appointment is an in-house visit in a retirement community west of the highway with an elderly couple named the Rosensteins. Joe hops on the phone with his secretary and goes over their needs.

3:00 PM - Riviera Beach, Rosensteins’ Home

After a lengthy conversation regarding the state of the house, Joe convinces the couple to lower their asking price or spend more money on infrastructure issues. The area was recently pounded by a Category 3 hurricane, and needs significant investment into fixing the roof and pool area. The couple decides they’re “going to think about it” and get back to Joe next week. Joe then leaves to host multiple showings in the Jupiter, Florida area.

5:30 PM - West Palm Beach, FL, Clematis Street

Joe does the showing and then arrives back at his office. He’s slightly frustrated since one of the couples did not show up for their house showing. Regardless, Joe shrugs it off. Him and his secretary do a quick daily, and then follows that up with a 30-minute preparation meeting to organize and confirm next day’s schedule. After they finish meeting, he runs off to see his son’s high school baseball game.

9:00 PM - Palm Beach, FL, Joe’s Home

After a delicious take-out meal from Mr. Zhang’s Chinese Restaurant and helping his kids out with their homework, Joe lays down on the couch and feels fulfilled. Helping people accomplish their dreams while making his goals a reality is the type of career he feels he could do for the rest of his life. Elated, Joe then opens up the newest Stephen King novel, reads a few chapters, and drifts off to sleep.

The life of a real estate agent epitomizes the art of the hustle. It’s a busy life filled with mishaps, struggles, and an eternal cycle of generating leads, but it’s also a rewarding career where you are your own boss. The independent flexibility combined with the unlimited potential of financial success allows you to take full control of your career and become the person who helps people realize their real estate goals. But being an agent isn’t for everyone. It takes a special someone to succeed; a formidable person who never gives up and rolls with the punches. The most important question is, “Are you up for the challenge?”

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