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Dallas Real Estate Experts Weigh In On COVID-19 Challenges
April 6, 2020

Dallas Real Estate Experts Weigh In On COVID-19 Challenges

by The CE Shop Team

Dallas Real Estate Experts Offer Their Perspectives

Headlines surrounding the recent coronavirus outbreak can be foreboding, but it’s important to remember that where there are challenges there are also major opportunities. At least that seems to be the mentality of Dallas’s most influential real estate minds.

Bill Cawley, chairman and CEO of Cawley Partners, finds confidence in focusing on the fundamentals of what makes Dallas a good buy.

“Dallas is the right place to be when this is over. People are going to continue to move to Texas, and Dallas is on the top of the list for every company that is considering relocation. There will be demand once we get through this,” he wrote in an opinion piece published in D Magazine.

And he’s right. According to the Walton Family Foundation’s most recent The Most Dynamic Metropolitans report, Dallas ranks #6 of all of the large metropolitan areas (defined as having a population of one million or more).

Meanwhile other experts like Frank Nothaft, Chief Economist with CoreLogic, suggest that housing prices might not take much of a dip.

“Even if demand falls off - and I would expect there would be a big drop in the demand to buy homes - home prices could hold up okay,” Nothaft told The Dallas Morning News, “Inventory for sale is still very low.”

Lastly, people like Briggs Freeman’s Kyle Richards are coming up with creative solutions to curtail the effects of the coronavirus. By conducting virtual tours using Facetime and other video apps, Richards is able to safely show properties.

Whether buyers are interested in taking advantage of low interest rates, planning on making a move in the near future, or they just need to find housing, real estate agents are very much in demand.

Fundamentally speaking, Dallas and its surrounding areas are poised for recovery and growth. Now is the time to act on becoming a real estate agent.

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