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Comparing Real Estate Schools in Wisconsin
July 6, 2020

Comparing Real Estate Schools in Wisconsin

by The CE Shop Team

Here’s What You Should Look for When Comparing Wisconsin Real Estate Schools

Now that you’ve decided real estate is the career for you and you’re ready to earn your real estate license, you need to decide where you’ll complete your education. This is one of the most important steps you will take to becoming a real estate agent.

Where you take your real estate education before sitting for your licensing exam will set a precedent for your future career and could instill the right habits and knowledge for you to succeed. It can also give you the right tools to start your career on the right path with the right people around you.

What to Look For Why This is Helpful
5-Day Free Trial If a real estate school offers any free trial for their courses, this is a great sign that they trust their product to speak for itself. Wisconsin requires 72 hours of Pre-Licensing courses in order to take your real estate exam and earn your Salesperson License.
Pass Rates The most important thing when it comes to real estate schools is pass rates. It’s the most basic but vital data point that tells you whether this school helps their students get licensed or not. If a school has a low pass rate or does not display this number, that is a bad indicator of the quality of their education.
Online Education Taking your real estate education online has plenty of advantages that can assist in helping you efficiently and successfully pass your course. Online courses are a convenient way to earn your license from the comfort of your home.
Extended Customer Service Customer support throughout your education is a great ally that should be there when you need it. Look for schools that have extended customer service hours and can be contacted via phone, email, or online chat.
Cutting-Edge Career Resources Having additional resources at your disposal is crucial to your success in not only your education but also your career. Having the correct resources can give you the advantage you need to beat the competition.

Ultimately, which real estate school you choose should work to your learning style, current schedule, and what you believe will help you succeed when starting your real estate career. Becoming a real estate professional in Wisconsin will take time and dedication, but don’t be afraid. Your life-changing career awaits!

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