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Colorado Schools Start Off With Remote Learning. Will You?
August 17, 2020

Colorado Schools Start Off With Remote Learning. Will You?

by The CE Shop Team

Learning Remotely in Colorado Has Definite Advantages

In light of recent COVID-19 concerns, some Colorado school districts are beginning the school year remotely. Now, remote learning isn’t necessarily a new concept, but recent events have made it a necessity for both children and Colorado real estate professionals alike. That means having a home office or a quiet place to focus is now at the top of the demand list for homebuyers.

“The importance of home offices has almost begun to rival the attention that buyers give to kitchens,” Robin Kencel, an associate broker with Compass in Greenwich, Conn told The New York Times.

With that said, learning remotely definitely has its advantages, but it can be daunting for some - especially for parents, potential clients, and ourselves - so we reached out to a local teacher at Rocky Mountain Prep for some tips on maximizing our learning-from-home abilities. Not surprisingly, these tips happen to be good guidelines for real estate professionals as well.

“At home students are going to have the opportunity to learn a lot how to regulate and manage themselves which is so critical for a student’s self-efficacy. I believe that by kids being in control of their own learning in this context is going to have powerful social-emotional outcomes for their future,” said Laura Haller, a special education teacher at Rocky Mountain Prep Southwest.

She then directed us toward a blog post that she authored earlier in the year, ‘4 Teacher Tricks to Make Remote Learning a Breeze,’ where she goes more in-depth about how parents and caretakers can help guide their students through their curriculum by:

  • Setting clear expectations
  • Creating a routine
  • Using incentives
  • Giving grace

In terms of your own real estate education, however, setting your own goals and expectations is a must for staying motivated. Setting achievable goals within reasonable timeframes will make your climb to the top more like walking up a staircase rather than a free climb up the Flatirons in Boulder.

Likewise, in our ebook Gaining Your Independence as an Agent, we heavily stress the importance of routine and its role in getting things off the ground. Why not start practicing your learning regimen alongside your own kids? Who knows? It might catch on. Aristotle once said, “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation,” so it’s worth committing to.

Next, don’t forget to celebrate your victories. In her blog post, Haller writes about two types of incentives, tangible and intangible. Tangible rewards are just that - tangible. So go ahead and get that cappuccino or biscotti. Intangible rewards, on the other hand, could be an activity. Take 15 minutes to play with your pooch, or take a leisurely stroll through your favorite park.

Lastly, don’t be so hard on yourself or your kids. Education is challenging regardless if you or the student are just trying to help. Keep with it, stick to your routine, celebrate your wins, and success is sure to follow.

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