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Christmas at Graceland Is Fit for the King
December 7, 2020

Christmas at Graceland Is Fit for the King

by The CE Shop Team

Don’t Have a Blue Christmas – Explore Graceland’s Holiday Magic

Having welcomed over 20 million guests since its inception, Graceland is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous pieces of real estate. The only house in the country that bests that figure is none other than the White House. And like the White House, this former home of Elvis Presley goes all out for Christmas.

Originally constructed in 1939, Presley first purchased Graceland in 1957 for just over $100,000 (or about $926,647 today). However, since it belonged to the King and is now run as a business, it’s difficult to determine just how much the property is worth today. All we know is that Graceland is worth seeing, especially at Christmas.

Graceland Always Makes Guests Feel Merry

According to Graceland archivist Angie Marchese, “Elvis loved Christmas. It was always such a magical time of year here at his beloved home here in Memphis.”

In fact, Elvis loved Christmas so much that he’d often decorate early and leave his decorations up until January 8th, his birthday. In keeping with that tradition, Graceland is decorated each year just how the King liked it.

That means the drapes are changed from blue to red, a Christmas tree is placed in every room, the same lighted lawn ornaments are placed outside, and the driveway leading up to the residence is lined with blue lights, just to name a few holiday touches. It’s true: Graceland creates a “Blue Christmas” every year!

Additionally, the season at Graceland kicks off with a celebrity special guest, which has included famous personalities like actor John Stamos, an avid fan of the late rock-and-roll legend. This year’s celebration was initiated by up-and-coming country star Chase Bryant.

Give Like a King

But if there’s any way to honor the King, it’s by making a charitable contribution to a cause about which you’re passionate. Elvis Presley was famously generous with his money and time, often to complete strangers or charitable organizations. His generosity was unmatched around the holidays; in total, Elvis would donate the equivalent of about $2 million every year that he was financially able to do so.

Of course, one of our favorite stories happened in 1964. Just before Christmas that year, Elvis drove to a small working-class area near midtown. There, he personally delivered a brand new wheelchair to Gary Pepper, a man who suffered from cerebral palsy who was one of the King’s earliest and most devout fans.

Can you imagine Elvis just showing up at your doorstep? If you believe that he’s still alive, it could happen. You or your clients will just need to purchase property in Memphis, which is very doable — even for a pauper of rock and roll.

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