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Choosing Your Real Estate Continuing Education During COVID-19
August 3, 2020

Choosing Your Real Estate Continuing Education During COVID-19

by The CE Shop Team

Don’t Let COVID-19 Stop You From Finishing Your Continuing Education

With the school year almost back in session, there’s never been a better time to finish your Continuing Education with a state-approved real estate school. However, for many agents, the world has changed drastically over the past year. Whether it’s following proper social distancing procedures or kids learning their multiplication tables from the comfort of their pajamas, how we operate as people has required us to adapt and redirect our behaviors in order to create a safer world for tomorrow. How you complete your Continuing Education requirements is no exception.

Choosing the best real estate education for you requires doing your due diligence to find out which provider will be best suited for your post-COVID-19 needs. Learning with the best real estate education is one thing, but learning safely while satisfying your requirements is a whole other challenge.

How to Choose the Best Continuing Education Real Estate School

The best real estate schools understand their students’ needs and will do anything to make sure they are receiving a top real estate schooling experience. It makes sense: your success is their success.

When your Continuing Education requirements come due and you’re considering schools, make sure to consider the following:

  • Online vs. In-Person Classroom

    When choosing real estate schools and deciding between learning online or in a brick-and-mortar classroom, considering your learning style is highly important. However, with the onset of COVID-19, there has been a mass migration of students moving from in-person classrooms to online courses.

    Due to the pandemic, we strongly urge using common sense. Some schools have opened back up but the safety protocols that allow for these openings could hinder your learning experience as well as place you in an uncomfortable situation. Creating a safe environment for your Continuing Education courses will not only keep you out of harm’s way but help significantly improve retention and understanding of the material.

  • State-Approved Education

    Completing your education with a state-approved education is a must for real estate agents. Without it, the courses you’re taking could be useless towards actually satisfying your Continuing Education requirements.

    A state-approved education means your state’s real estate commission has approved this specific curriculum. This approval from your commission essentially means that this curriculum includes all the necessary information and courses you need to fulfill your requirements. It’s a big stamp of approval and is highly necessary for real estate schools.

  • Customer Support

    Real estate schools can be all over the map when it comes to providing the support you need to finish your Continuing Education requirements. In order to assess whether a real estate curriculum features the customer support for your education experience, consider how many days a week and what hours they are open. Also, find out the methods of communication, as some schools only offer support over the phone while others will provide additional methods like chat and email.

    Considering the state of the world, there’s nothing more important than having a support system that helps when you need it most. You have enough to deal with; having a real estate education that doesn’t care about your needs shouldn’t be one of them.

  • Curriculum

    Whether you have to renew your license every year or every four years, the information you learn needs to be up to date, diverse, and applicable to your everyday career. Real estate schools that do not meet this standard are not investing their time and energy into their Continuing Education.

    It’s also highly important that your real estate education features courses that meet the NAR Code of Ethics requirements. These credits are necessary for retaining your REALTOR® status and will help you become a better real estate agent for your clients and the surrounding community.

    A good test for knowing if a curriculum is dynamic or not is to check if a school has any sort of COVID-19 safety course. A real estate school that cares about your education would have invested their resources into providing a course that keeps you safe during these uncertain times.

  • Agent Resources

    Your real estate education provider should give you more than just your Continuing Education courses. They should include a resource page where you can learn more about trending marketing concepts, ways to grow your business, and current industry news. This helpful source is not only a way for you to help build your career but also a strong indication that the real estate school cares about your future. It’s also a great place to learn more about what’s going on with coronavirus, both around the country and within the industry.

  • Multistate Packages

    If you live in a state like Virginia where having a multistate package is a must, you’ll need a real estate school that will help build a customized product. There’s nothing more wasteful than enrolling at a school that does not offer this personalization. You’ll end up spending time and money on overlapping, repetitive courses instead of just completing what you need to complete. Multistate packages built specifically for your needs are a must for agents who want to quickly finish their Continuing Education and get back to your career helping families navigate the murky waters of finding their dream home during these trying times.

  • Student Reviews

    The best way to know what your real estate education experience will be like is to look up student reviews on Trustpilot. Review sites like this one feature the most qualified opinions due to the vetting process they institute before reviewers can post. While the sole opinion of any one person should always be taken with a grain of salt, the sum total of these reviews provides a transparent window into what you should expect when enrolling with said real estate school.

Ready to Finish Your CE Requirements with The CE Shop?

Whether it’s our 100% online award-winning and diverse curriculum, our customer support 7 days a week, or our Agent Essential’s resource page, we have what you need to finish your Continuing Education requirements and succeed in the industry. Enroll today and get started! And if you want to network with your peers, join our Facebook group and get connected.