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Celebrate Labor Day With Austin-Local Brews & BBQ
August 24, 2020

Celebrate Labor Day With Austin-Local Brews & BBQ

by The CE Shop Team

Pick Up Some World-Class Austin BBQ for Labor Day

Part of what makes a piece of real estate such a great asset is that it brings people together. So whether you’ve just sold a home with a great backyard patio, a pool, or a spacious den, there’s no better way to make good use of those spaces than by celebrating Labor Day with a close group of friends (spread six feet apart, of course), some brews, and of course world-renowned Austin-local BBQ. The only question that remains is where to order from?

Image source: LeRoy & Lewis Facebook

LeRoy & Lewis Barbecue

Austin is one of those places where old school and new school can live in perfect harmony. Well, LeRoy & Lewis definitely errs on the side of new school with its ever-changing menu of perfectly-smoked hyper-local meats (and other ingredients) and unique sides like kimchi. Get adventurous with beef cheeks or opt for the Akaushi brisket for an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the world. When it’s time, wash it down with an equally unique “Maturon Smoke Lager” from St. Elmo Brewing Co.

Image source: Jimmy Ho

Franklin Barbecue

We know that the James Beard Award-winning barbecue here is worth more than gold, but it’s an Austin institution that just can’t be ignored. If you’re hosting guests from out of town, blow their minds with what might very well be the best meal they’ll have all year. The dining room is currently closed, but you can put orders in three days in advance (highly recommended). Enjoy it with any Blue Owl Brewing sour for an ultra foodie experience.

Terry Black’s Barbecue

The brisket at Terry Black’s is more than a great meal, it’s a transcendental experience that will change your view on food and life. Here, there are no shortcuts, no compromises, no BS, just traditional Texas-style barbecue so good that it will make you believe (or reinforce your belief) in a higher power. While you’re at it, crack open an Austin Beer Works Fire Eagle IPA.

Image source: Austin Beer Works

La Barbecue

The secret at la Barbecue? Dry-rubbed brisket that’s smoked for 12-15 hours. That’s a lot of dedication, and it shows. Each piece is a perfectly smoky, wonderfully succulent, melt-in-your-mouth celebration of culinary excellence. Of course, it also helps that at the helm of la Barbecue is BBQ royalty LeAnn Mueller, daughter of renowned pitmaster Bobby Mueller. Get some before it sells out and sip on a “The One They Call Zoe” by Hops and Grain Brewing.

Image source: hops & grain brewing

Rollin Smoke BBQ

Many know Rollin Smoke as the place to get a great late-night bite after a few drinks on 6th, but really it’s good before, during, and after any number of drinks. Keep it simple with the basics or go crazy with something like their Players Pie - a Frito pie featuring your choice of meat, bbq sauce, onions, cilantro, and chipotle cream sauce. Go ahead and have another “Noisey Cricket” from Friends & Allies Brewing, and take it all in.

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