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Can a Felony Prevent You From Getting a Real Estate License in Utah?
May 1, 2020

Can a Felony Prevent You From Getting a Real Estate License in Utah?

by The CE Shop Team

Can a Felony Keep You From Getting Your Real Estate License?

Life’s full of twists and turns, and if you’ve found yourself down the wrong path then you know how difficult it can be to find work that’s both meaningful and pays enough to live on. The good news is, however, if you do have a less-than-shiny record, you can still get your real estate license in the state of Utah.

Of course, it’s not without a catch. Like any other person seeking a Utah real estate license, you’ll have to meet the basic requirements which are:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Complete the State of Utah’s Qualifying Questionnaire

Then there’s this requirement: An applicant must meet the statutory licensing qualifications of honesty, integrity, truthfulness, and competency.

What does that mean exactly? The State of Utah’s website notes that:

“According to Administrative Rules R162-2f-201, an applicant does not qualify for a real estate license if he or she has any felony in the last five years (starting from the time of conviction/plea or completion of any jail/prison sentence) OR if the applicant has any misdemeanor involving fraud, misrepresentation, theft, or dishonesty within the last three years.”

In other words, if you have a criminal record, you may have to wait until it’s a few years in the past before you start your Utah real estate career. If you’re nearing the end of that time period and you meet all of the basic requirements, you can begin making moves toward getting your license.

Still unsure about pursuing a career in real estate? According to the popular job listing site, the average salary of a Utah real estate agent is $81,969, making it well worth considering a career change when the time is right.

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