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BusyKid Makes Money Management Fun for Kids
December 21, 2021

BusyKid Makes Money Management Fun for Kids

by BusyKid

Teaching Your Child to Manage Their Money Has Never Been More Important

As a parent, there’s so much you must teach your child. From tying their shoes to long division, your kid relies on you to understand how to interact with the world. This is especially true when it comes to money. Whether the topic is how to earn, save, donate, spend, or invest it, the majority of what kids learn about money comes from their parents. So, how does a parent take their experiences and make it simple enough for kids as young as five years old to understand?

The best way is to use technology that will provide hands-on experience and build solid financial routines. BusyKid is a platform that uses chores and allowance as the foundation for bigger lessons. The app allows you to manage your child’s chores and pay them directly. It was designed to help parents teach their children about managing their finances by presenting fun ways for kids to save, share, spend, donate, and invest their money from a young age.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your children become motivated to help out at home so their accounts grow as they make decisions about what to do with their money.

BusyKid App Features

The best gift you could give your child this year is the chance to become financially independent. By using BusyKid, children throughout the U.S. are finding financial success by doing chores, and some even run small businesses like lemonade stands, lawn mowing, or babysitting. All of these endeavors are made more accessible through the app’s BusyPay feature, which allows anyone to send money to a child safely.

Whether someone wants to send a gift, payment for mowing the grass, or anything in between, the process is simple and straightforward.

BusyKid offers suggestions on age-appropriate chores for your child along with a recommended payment for each task. You’re able to customize these jobs, adding images and descriptions for chores that are more specific to your household. Don’t worry about having to add the same tasks every week — BusyKid allows you to schedule and repeat daily, weekly, and monthly jobs as you please.


Using BusyKid

The app is laid out intuitively, comprised of the following areas:

  • Earn
    • Parents assign chores, kids complete them, and their allowance is direct-deposited each Friday.
  • Save
    • A percentage of the child’s weekly allowance is saved automatically each week.
  • Donate
    • Your child will learn the importance of giving back by donating a percentage of their allowance to charity.
  • Invest
    • BusyKid is the only app where kids can turn their allowance into real stock.
  • Spend
    • Learning to be responsible with money is effortless with the BusyKid VISA Prepaid Spend Card.
  • BusyPay
    • Anyone can add money to a child’s account safely via the app-generated QR code.

The BusyKid app provides additional features as well, including:

  • The ability to monitor your child’s spending within the app
  • A bonus system, meaning you can reward your child for a job well done
  • Auto-allowance payments, which is perfect for families with busy schedules
  • An account history that captures all the completed chores, paydays, and transactions
  • The ability to auto-lock the account

For just $3.99 a month, your entire family can gain access to all the app features, up to five BusyKid Visa® Spend Cards, and they’ll unlock the ability to make investments at no additional cost. By subscribing annually, your family will get the same benefits and save 20% compared to the monthly payments.

After teaching your kids to be honest, respect others, and not to steal, there’s nothing more important to teach them than how to manage money. Make 2022 the year that your kids become financially independent with the help of BusyKid. Sign up now!

Ready to Get Started With BusyKid?

BusyKid is an award-winning app that parents have been turning to for years to help teach kids important financial lessons through hands-on experiences. By using this app, parents can oversee the saving, spending, donating, and investing of the money their children have earned. Let BusyKid help make your life simpler by motivating your children to help around the house and stop looking at you like their personal ATM!