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Best Places to Find a Turkey for Thanksgiving in Connecticut
November 6, 2020

Best Places to Find a Turkey for Thanksgiving in Connecticut

by The CE Shop Team

Try Connecticut’s Hidden Gems This Year for Thanksgiving

For many, Thanksgiving is all about coming together and spending time with loved ones, creating memories that will last and laughs that will make your gut hurt. This year, make your holiday event extra special with some of the state’s best local goods. Home to a host of farms and restaurants sourcing local produce and protein, there’s no shortage of options to try this year.

From farm-to-table to your favorite restaurants, Connecticut has plenty to offer your family during this holiday season.

Where to Find Farm Fresh Turkeys and Produce

Connecticut offers a host of local farms where you can purchase a turkey directly from the source! For a true farm-to-table experience, try a farm fresh turkey, but make sure to call ahead. We’ve cultivated a list of popular farms below, or you can use this handy “Find a Farm Stand” tracker from Connecticut’s Department of Agriculture.

Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm - Sterling

This family-owned and -operated farm loves to promote locally-produced goods, which is how they got started in the business. This farm is known for their turkeys as that’s their specialty. Focusing on pasture-raised birds, the Hermonot family believes in quality over quantity.

Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard - Granby

Clark Farms is fairly new to the farming family in Connecticut. Purchased in 2010 by Allen and Becky Clark, the 75-acre family-run farm has quickly grown in popularity. Come here if you’re looking for high-quality produce and fresh-baked pies.

Holmberg Orchards - Gales Ferry

This family-run farm is in its fourth generation of operation. Serving Connecticut since 1896, Holmberg Orchards has been a staple in the state. With choices between ciders, hard ciders, baked goods, fresh fruits, and local jams, it’ll be hard not to walk away with your hands full.

Silverman’s Farm - Easton

An apple orchard and farm market enjoyed by many, Silverman’s Farm started as a humble cider press run by Ben Silverman back in the 1920s. Today, the farm has expanded to fruit farming, animal farming, tractor rides, and a pet farm. Check out their fresh produce, baked goods, and enjoy this family-fun experience!

If you or your client are interested in going beyond just farm-to-table and want to get your hands dirty, Connecticut has beautiful farming communities. Litchfield County is recognized as a top farming community in the state, and it’s ready for eager new farmers. The median home value in Litchfield County is $263,377, with a forecasted 7.6% increase in home value over the next year.

Best Restaurant for a Thanksgiving Meal

Are you burnt out on hosting? Kick back, relax, and let someone else do all the cooking and cleaning. If you know yourself and acknowledge how tired you get from the turkey tryptophan, maybe it's best to head out for your Thanksgiving feast to really enjoy your family’s company.

Webb-Deane Stevens Museum - Wethersfield

Every year, the Museum in Wethersfield hosts an authentic 18th-century Thanksgiving dinner. Designed and cooked by culinary historians, you’ll be treated to old New England recipes such as chine of roast pork, Indian pudding, and a pottage of cabbage.

Fresh Salt - Saybrook Point Resort & Marina

If you’re in the mood this year for a salty twist on Thanksgiving, then Fresh Salt is just the restaurant for you. Featuring a special Thanksgiving menu with seafood-inspired dishes, this year’s feast doesn’t have to be so heavy on the tryptophan.

Bear's Smokehouse - Hartford, Windsor, New Haven

If you really want to throw tradition to the side while giving your taste buds a little kick, then Bear’s Smokehouse is your spot. Known around town for its smoked meats, Bear’s Smokehouse takes Thanksgiving staples and gives them a Southern, smoky twist. This food is definitely not your traditional Thanksgiving meal, although this year, they will feature a slow-smoked whole turkey entree!

If you’re a foodie that’s passionate about exploring all the eats Connecticut has to offer, then you’ll love living in the state’s restaurant capital, which just so happens to be the state’s capital. The median home value in Hartford is $124,556, with a forecasted 8.0% increase in home value over the next year.

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