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Best Breweries in Oregon Where Locals Get Their Beer
June 15, 2020

Best Breweries in Oregon Where Locals Get Their Beer

by The CE Shop Team

See What Breweries are Best in Your State

Most everyone knows that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest take their beer seriously and love to get weird with it. Oregon alone is home to 250 breweries and it’s not uncommon to find at least one in any small town. 

Portland is known as the beer capital, but outside of the city you can find some of the best breweries in the state, and arguably the U.S. There is plenty to explore without leaving Portland, and you’d have no shortage to choose from, but you would really be missing out on some fantastic beer and Oregon scenery.

Best Oregon Breweries to Visit

The best breweries are spread throughout the state reaching every geographical region. They also happen to be near breathtaking views of sweeping coastal beaches, mountains, and lush forests of douglas firs.

Block 15A smaller brewery in Corvallis, Block 15 may be one of the most underrated breweries in the state. They host a bold lineup of beers from belgian ales, saturated IPAs, and pilsners.

Breweries Takeaways
Breakside Brewery Synonymous with Portland beer, Breakside has the wall of fame to prove their place in Oregon.
Wolves and People Focused on “taste the place”, this brewery sources all ingredients from the area truly making this farm to table.
Buoy Beer With panoramic views of the Columbia River and a largely lager-centric menu, Buoy Beer is a local favorite that any resident would happily sit in a basement in order to have those hops.
Boneyard Calling Bend home, Boneyard might be the true local favorite over the national favorite Deschutes. Releasing the state’s first ever ultra-juicy IPA, Boneyard has made a name for themselves throughout the state.

Now that you are in the know of where to find the best brews, use this knowledge to your advantage. If you work in the area, offer some local brews as closing gifts, suggestions on things to do, and maybe even start a hops-inspired beer club.

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