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Motivate yourself and kickstart your education with these tips and tricks.
August 24, 2018

Back to School Study Guide

by The CE Shop Team

Get Back in the Groove, Just in Time for Your Courses

For many real estate agents, the end of summer represents more free time, with summer activities lessening and vacations ending. School-aged children across the nation are already preparing to head back into the classroom this August, which means it’s also the perfect time for agents to focus on education and complete CE coursework. Getting back into the school mindset is difficult at any age, whether you’re returning from summer break or struggling to start a continuing education course. Find new ways to motivate yourself and kickstart your education with these tips and tricks!

Opt for Education

Whether you’re trying to break into the real estate industry or continue your education, it’s easy to put things on hold while other aspects of your life take precedence. However easy it might be to put your education on the backburner and focus elsewhere, it is an essential part of your career and should occupy a portion of your schedule. For instance, NAR certifications can actually help boost your salary, as well as help with on-the-job knowledge. Chicago Tribune reports, "It's all about prioritizing and...recognizing your education is important and so is your family and so is your work and taking it day by day." Try to get into the habit of focusing on your schoolwork and remembering why it’s important for your professional development.

Seek a Support System

Many real estate agents start their careers working multiple jobs and some continue to work part-time so as to have multiple sources of revenue. If you are balancing your education with career(s), family, and/or a busy social life, it’s important to find a support system that will help you through the process. Online forums and social media groups can help you find a voice and speak to other agents who are going through the same experience as you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to family and friends as well in order to help you balance your responsibilities and deadlines.

Spice It Up

Using a variety of learning techniques and styles can actually keep you more motivated in the long run. According to HuffPost, “One of the keys to staying motivated about your new course is to keep yourself interested, which means you probably won't want to be staring into a textbook for the next several hours.” Dedicating all of your attention to one subject and spending hours absorbing just that information is not an effective way to learn. To keep yourself interested in the subject matter, find ways to change up the way you study and learn.

Embrace a Flexible Schedule

If you’re taking online courses, you have a more flexible schedule. You can log on and start studying as soon as you have free time. No matter what the kids’ schedule is that week, you’ll be able to study whenever and wherever works best for you. The one downside to a flexible schedule is not having set parameters around your schoolwork; it’s up to you to keep yourself accountable and on schedule. If you are not organized, it’s easy to let things slip and fall behind on your work. When this happens, remind yourself that online education enables you to study smarter, with interactive tools and practice exams to keep you on track.

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