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Austin Real Estate Agent Goes Viral on TikTok
August 16, 2021

Austin Real Estate Agent Goes Viral on TikTok

by The CE Shop Team

Many Real Estate Agents Are Turning to TikTok - Should You?

Austin’s insane housing market is reaching new highs weekly, with the median home price hitting $600,000, up 38% year-over-year. Buying a home in the Lone Star State capital has never been met with more competition and hardships. To combat this, REALTOR® Ian Grossman is using comedy to alleviate buyer concerns and give clients an inside look at the craziness that is his local housing market.

Ian Grossman has gained quite a following on TikTok, with commenters from all across the country asking him about tips for moving to the Capital City. It’s one of many efforts he’s employed to stand out and garner attention to boost his business. In an interview with KVUE, Grossman recounted a listing in Brushy Creek, TX, that amassed 97 offers and eventually sold for $200,000 over the asking price:

Clearly, Grossman’s humorous TikTok content is helping him stand out in a blisteringly hot market. But can this marketing strategy work for other agents?  

TikTok’s Tower of Influence in Real Estate

Real Estate Agents Are Using TikTok To Sell Homes

Social media’s use in real estate has grown over the years, especially since the pandemic pushed many agents into the digital space. New apps like TikTok have snapped into real estate agent’s marketing strategies. The app is known for dancing trends, odd voiceovers, and downright confusion for older users is not only helping agents sell their listings faster, but often for more money.  

Cash Jordan, a self-described NYC apartment expert, has credited TikTok for doubling his number of clients.

"It doesn't seem to matter if the place is $2,000 or $600,000, somebody out there on TikTok is big enough and YouTube is big enough that people see it and are interested," Jordan said in an interview with Business Insider.

Jordan went on to tell Business Insider about a client who was deciding between an apartment listed by his brokerage and another listed by a competitor. Ultimately, the client signed with him, and later he received a call from the client’s parents who said they chose Jordan’s listing because they felt like they knew him after watching his videos.

That story embodies the main reason real estate agents should consider building and maintaining a purposeful, powerful social media presence. Users can connect with your content and truly get to know you.

Grossman and Jordan aren’t the only ones utilizing the app’s short-form video concept to spread awareness, share listings, and connect with users. Shaun Johnson, a TikToker recently struck with viral fame, created a TikTok that has accrued close to 10 million views. Much like Grossman, Johnson has found humor to be a crucial tool for his social media marketing strategy. Check out his satirical video below that perfectly sums up the madness that is the real estate market right now (and, impressively, boasts over 1M likes): 


Anybody else in this crazy fight for a home?? #realestate #housingmarket #comedy #funny #realestatetiktok #realestatehacks #houseshopping #fixerupper

♬ original sound - The Johnson Files

Using TikTok to Sell More Homes

TikTok is one of the newest platforms that has captured the world’s attention. Currently, the app has close to 700 million monthly users, quickly outgrowing other popular apps like Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Here are three ideas for real estate agents to help launch your business to viral fame on TikTok.

1. Adapt your real estate resources to TikTok - You don’t need to start from scratch to get started with TikTok. Once you’ve identified your audience and niche, re-assess material and resources you already have whether that is an old presentation or marketing materials. Utilize this information and repurpose it to create your first round of TikToks.

2. The content is more important than the execution - Beyond just sounds and hashtags, the content of your TikTok can be the key to success. Creating content that is valuable to your audience has a better chance of generating more engagement.

3. Conversations matter - Posting your TikTok is just the beginning. Once your content is live, you must be ready to respond to questions and comments. This step is a crucial step in building relationships with viewers.

Whether you want to sell more homes or find overnight fame by going viral, TikTok is a great app to try out. If you’re still not sure what to post or don’t feel ready to jump into TikTok quite yet, we have you covered. Find inspiration for your content marketing strategy or learn the basics of social media in our comprehensive ebooks. Have fun, make good content, and hopefully, we’ll see you on our “For You” page soon!

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