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Atlanta’s Ascent in Real Estate Marketing Influence
August 3, 2021

Atlanta’s Ascent in Real Estate Marketing Influence

by The CE Shop Team


Atlanta has always been a hotbed for culture, and its cultural influence on the country is clear in music, cuisine, fashion, and now social media. Atlanta has long been home to some of the most influential artists from Ray Charles and the Migos to culinary captivators like Alton Brown and Anne Quatrano. Artists in all fields flock to Atlanta’s creative culture that welcomes and inspires makers and shakers to be the best in their field.

In the rise of the digital age, Georgian artists based in Atlanta have taken social media platforms and turned them into tools for growth and expansion. And while this recent trend focuses on food, fashion, and music, real estate is an industry that’s also witnessed The Big Peach’s sweet twist.

Today, social media platforms like Instagram have influenced our lives and changed how we shop for products and services, and the potential the app holds for buying or selling a home is just being skimmed. Consider, for instance, that 81% of people use Instagram to research a product or service. Data like this, coupled with Atlanta’s competitive real estate market, is pushing real estate agents to get creative and stand out in this new culture capital of America

The Rise of Instagram and Mobile Use in Real Estate

By now, you’ve heard the countless reasons why you should be using Instagram as a real estate agent, and how using social media can grow your real estate business. However, the important takeaway here is the rise of mobile use in real estate searches, and exactly how much time people spend on their phones.

“Nine times out of 10, when I speak to an agent, they don’t have any strategy for the content that goes into their Instagram,” says Danielle Garofalo, Chief Business Development Officer at CORE Real Estate in New York City.

Most agents don’t see the potential the app holds, and they don’t understand how they can use the app as a tool to generate more leads. The average person spends half an hour every day on Instagram, and it’s a great space where you can connect with potential clients.

It’s also a space that has quickly turned into an ecommerce platform, with 72% of Instagram users making purchasing decisions based on Instagram content. Compared to Facebook (23%) and Pinterest (22%), Instagram’s ecommerce potential is unmatched.

Consider these key Instagram stats before creating your social media marketing strategy.

Key Instagram Stats

  • 500 million daily active users of Instagram Stories (official statistics)
  • Gender split of Instagram users estimated at 51% female to 49% male
  • 140 million Instagram users in the U.S.
  • 70% of Instagram users are under 35
  • Instagram can generate over 4x more interactions on Instagram compared to Facebook
  • Users spend an average of nearly 30 minutes a day on Instagram

If you follow any big-wig successful real estate agents, social media savvy is a skill they have mastered, getting peoples’ attention and time to consume their content.

Time and Attention

In today’s digital age, time and attention are the new currencies that brands are competing for.

When you consider this important factor, know that any potential buyer or seller is spending a great deal of time researching their next move. On average, homebuyers spend 10 weeks searching for a new home. Likely these individuals are on their phones, tablets, or desktops conducting their research. It’s important to note that 93% of people visit websites when searching for homes.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 81% of older millennials, 80% of younger millennials, and 78% of Generation X found their homes on a mobile device. Around 68% of younger Boomers did the same. 

Atlanta's Influence on Social Media in Real Estate

Georgia’s Most Influential Agents on Instagram has vetted thousands of agents and ranked the following by their overall presence on social media and the quality of content they post. Here are the top real estate agents in Georgia to follow on Instagram for social media marketing inspiration:

She’kia Renea, @shekiarenea – 37k followers

Having amassed a large following on YouTube and Instagram for her high-end listings, Renea has created a name for herself within the luxury home market and is a threat on multiple fronts beyond her savvy real estate skills. She has nearly 285,000 subscribers on YouTube, which feeds into her cross-channel marketing strategy well. She posts candid life pictures, motivational quotes, educational nuggets for clients, and of course the gorgeous listings that she markets.

Leslie Farrell, @lesliefarrell – 39k followers

Farrell is a multi-million-dollar producer in the Atlanta real estate market. She’s been ranked in the top 5% of REALTORS® in the city, and her content speaks for itself. Through a thoughtful blend of work and her personal life, Farrell posts career photos of listings and closings, while also sprinkling in some candid photos outside of work.

Quiana Watson, @quianawatson_ - 183k followers

Watson is a powerhouse within the Atlanta real estate market, being the owner and broker of Watson Realty Co. She’s worked her way to the top and is now an award-winning luxury real estate broker. Watson has found her niche, and she's skilled at growing her personal brand through her content. She not only is active on social media but is also an educator for Agent Tools For Success and runs a podcast called Rants and Gems.

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