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Artemisa Boston Sells Real Estate With a Side of Compassion
September 15, 2021

Artemisa Boston Sells Real Estate With a Side of Compassion

by The CE Shop Team

Artemisa Boston’s Inspiring Career Allows Her to Find Joy in Her Work

Artemisa Boston’s favorite part of working in real estate is the satisfaction that comes from helping her clients — most of whom are Hispanic, and many of whom are first-time homebuyers  — purchase a home.

Boston, of Realty Group, gets to see firsthand what an enormous deal it is to so many families: “The kids are so happy, and the parents are so proud.”

By helping her clients through the homebuying process, Boston feels like she’s helping them “reach the American Dream.” After all, for many of her clients, purchasing a home is a sign that they’ve “made it,” she said. 

Boston, who has worked in real estate for more than 20 years, previously received The CE Shop’s Innovation Award. She’s from Mexico City but now lives and works in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area.

She was recently named the top-producing Latino real estate agent in the country with an astonishing 247 transactions last year by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP). Those transactions amounted to $64,696,823 in sales volume.

Boston also closed more transactions than any other agent in Minnesota, according to RealTrends.

“She became a real estate agent because she wanted to help families find homes where they could find a sense of safety, security, and comfort,” NAHREP says about Boston. “Helping families find this kind of happiness is what keeps her motivated in knowing that what she does is bettering the lives of those who put their trust in her.”

Getting Started in Real Estate

When Boston immigrated from Mexico to the United States in her 20s, she had to start over and find a new career path.

She had attended a few semesters of college in Mexico, majoring in international relations, but found that none of her courses were transferable. She would have to start from scratch.

“I didn’t know what to do, but I was always really good at selling stuff,” Boston said. So, she decided to give real estate a try to make a bit of money while her husband was in law school.

“I started doing that for money, but I fell in love [with real estate]... because people are so happy when they get a house, and they really appreciate everything that you do for them,” she said. “I was making money, but I was forgetting about the money, because I didn’t have time to spend it. I was so busy, busy, busy.”

Building a real estate career required a lot of hard work, she said.

“Some people, they get where they need to get really easy,” she said. “[Other] people are like me, that you need to do a little extra to get where you need to get… Now, I like it. It’s like a challenge.”

Working With Hispanic Clients

When she began her career, Boston was one of a small number of Hispanic agents, and her ability to speak Spanish turned out to be an enormous asset. 

She said she doesn’t have much competition for clients within her niche, even as the number of Spanish-speaking agents has increased over the years.

“We are so blessed because we have enough clients for every single [Hispanic agent],” she said. “We don’t have to be fighting for the clients, and if you are good and you like it… you are able to serve a lot of people.”

There are unique challenges that come with working with Hispanic or immigrant populations, though.

“The Hispanic population needs more help because of the language,” she said. Also, “we don’t use credit like here or in other countries, so I have to educate everyone about credit and help them through every single step of the process.”

She works with a lot of first-time homebuyers, but she also frequently sees repeat clients — and in recent years, even their children and grandchildren. 

“I have been a real estate agent for more than 20 years, so now, I am the REALTOR® of the grandkids,” she said, laughing.

“It’s really special for me, because the little kids, they were like 5 or 10 years old when I was selling houses, some of them, they are coming back. They are second- or third-generation of Mexicans or Hispanics or whatever, and I am really honored because they can look for someone that doesn’t have an accent, because now they speak English… but they remember when they were buying houses when they were little, and they come back and they want to buy a house with me.”

The Importance of Kindness, Passion, and Work-Life Balance

After more than two decades in real estate, Boston has learned a lot about how to build a successful business. But when thinking about the advice she’d give to other agents, she emphasized the importance of treating others with kindness and respect.

After all, real estate agents are there to resolve problems, not to complicate the transaction further or add drama, she said.

These are a few of Boston’s tips:

  • Remain calm. “Take it easy, always, in every kind of situation. The client is going to act in the way that you act. If you are a crazy agent, your client is going to be crazy. But if you explain to your clients everything with the correct tone of voice, being calm, everything is easier.”
  • Be respectful. “Even if the other REALTOR® is being mean to you, you are not going to start a fight, because little stuff becomes really big when you cannot control yourself. So, I know that sometimes you’ll get angry, but you need to be calm and say, ‘You know what?... You and me, we want the same. So, what about if I hang up and we talk in an hour?’ It’s surprising, but they call, and it’s another person, because they have an hour to realize that they were being jerks.”
  • Try to empathize with others. “This business, it’s complicated enough, so you need to control yourself, be kind and nice… You have to try to understand the other REALTOR®. What about if he’s having a bad day, and instead of toning it down, you make it worse because you are in your crazy day?”

It’s also important to be passionate about your work, Boston said. She believes that “every single transaction is special,” which allows her to find joy in the everyday aspects of her job.

“If I close 250 transactions, that means that I can have like 150 days of happiness, because sometimes I have more [than one] closing in [a] day,” she said. “When you close a deal, it’s like your boss that you don’t have is telling you, ‘Good job.’ Can you imagine your boss telling you 150 days that you are awesome? 

“[The job] is hard, but someone is happy and telling you that, ‘I really appreciate it and God bless you, thank you so much.’ I try to say, ‘No, thank you,’ because I really feel like that. ‘Thank you for the opportunity, because that makes my life happy.’”

In every job she’s ever had, she tries to “do the best and have the best attitude, because you cannot change it, so you have the option to enjoy it or feel miserable.”

However, she cautioned against letting your job take over your entire life. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.

“Life is not only money,” she said. “Being successful is not being the best in what you do. It’s doing good, but in the process, have a family. Have balance. Have a life. Yes, it’s important that you want to be the best of the best and you want to make all the money, but you also need that — the other part. If you don’t have the balance… you are not being successful.”

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