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A Croak in the Night: The Loveland Frogman Seeks Real Estate
October 19, 2021

A Croak in the Night: The Loveland Frogman Seeks Real Estate

by The CE Shop Team

Find This Frogman Client a Home

The Great Lakes region has been home to legends and folklore dating back centuries. But one such beast of legend currently needs our help. Ohio’s famous Loveland Frogman is a humanoid frog (or toad) that has captivated residents since 1955, but he’s not toadally satisfied with his living arrangements.
To help this amphibian settle down in the Buckeye State, we’re going house hunting. 

Loveland Frogman

Fairy Tales of the Frogman

This bipedal frog-like creature stands upright at four feet and has been the subject of much debate in Ohio.

The first incident took place in the summer of 1955. A businessman traveling through Branch Hill spotted three disturbing creatures gathered by the side of the road. He described the beasts as being three to four feet tall, covered with leathery skin, and completely hairless. Their webbed hands and feet were just barely visible, as were their frog-like faces. Though some believed the man’s tale, others wrote him off as a scared traveler who had traversed ill-lit areas with an overly active imagination.

Imagine their surprise when the stories didn’t stop there.

In 1972 on a chilly Ohio night, Officer Ray Shockey was en route to Loveland when he thought he saw a dog beside the roadway. Then the “thing” stood up, its eyes illuminated by the car lights. It looked at Officer Shockey for an instant, turned, and leaped over a guardrail. He described the creature as weighing about sixty pounds, standing about three to four feet tall, and having leathery skin with a face like a frog or lizard. Shockey reported the incident to his fellow officer, Mark Matthews.

“Naturally, I didn’t believe him … but I could somehow tell from his demeanor that he did see something,” Matthews said in an interview with WCPO. It’s worth noting that Matthews examined the scene, saw the same creature, and ended up firing a shot at him. While he has claimed in the years since that the Frogman wasn’t on the road that night, the legend has continued to live on.

Most recently, the fabled Frogman was spotted in 2016. In August of that year, Sam Jacobs was near Congregation Beth Adam Synagogue on Loveland Madeira Road. Jacobs was playing Pokemon Go with his girlfriend and said he had crossed train tracks to the banks of Lake Isabella when he spotted something strange.

"We saw a huge frog near the water. Not in the game, this was an actual giant frog," Jacobs told WLWT. "Then the thing stood up and walked on its hind legs. I realize this sounds crazy, but I swear on my grandmother's grave this is the truth."

These tales are ribbiting, to say the least. If you’d like to hear more about some of these sightings, check out this video from Unexplained Mysteries:

Pads for the Loveland Frogman

For most frogs, a small pond or water feature would be an ideal place to call home. However, our fateful Frogman loves to roam on melancholy nights, so we’ve rounded down our house hunt to properties that provide privacy and water access so he can splash around.

The average home in Ohio costs $186,211, which is perfect for our puddle-jumping pal who has been saving his pocket change over the last few decades. It ain’t easy being green, but the Frogman has kept his nose to the grindstone so he can afford a pad of his own. So, what kind of properties would tickle the fancy of a mythical bipedal frog?  

Morrow, OH - $145,000

Morrow, OH Home

This 5-acre lot in Morrow is a great option for our Frogman. Complete with a pond, this private retreat provides plenty of space to roam along plus nearby access to a nameless lake across the road and the Little Miami River for seamless commuting to other bodies of water in the area. 

Morrow, OH - $1,650,000

Morrow, OH Home

An ideal location set on 277 acres, this lot boasts rolling hills, tall trees, a private pond, and easy access to the Little Miami River. This private retreat would provide the Frogman with panoramic views of Ohio’s country with partial views of the nearby river — what more could an amphibian want?   

Cambridge, OH - $3,599,900

Cambridge, OH Mansion

Though this abode is pricey, it could be well worth the investment for our friendly Frogman. Perched on a private lake and set on a 300-acre plot of land is this 6 bedroom, 4.5 bathroom estate in Cambridge. The property comes complete with natural springs, four ponds, a waterfall inside the home, and is just hops away from the Salt Fork Reservoir. While frogs are traditionally solitary creatures, our Frogman is a fun-loving being that enjoys hanging with other mythical creatures that are often misunderstood by the outside world. This private lake retreat is perfect for entertaining such guests without judgment or fear. 

It’s no croak — as a real estate agent, you have to be prepared to serve clients from all walks of life, including the fabled Frogman. Now the only question left is what to get him as a closing gift...

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